Ho Hum – Another Pack of Lies.


In looking for somebody, anybody to blame for his massive pandemic failures, Trump has decided that the World Health Organization, part of the United Nations, is an ideal scapegoat for his racist and Xenophobic base to munch on. Bunch of foreigners and busy doing China’s dirty work of destroying America. A British newspaper provides the facts which – surprise – do not match Trump’s lies very well.

6 thoughts on “Ho Hum – Another Pack of Lies.

    1. I thought that had been cleared up. The information from RAW intelligence did not make it to the White House until early January.

      What the White House did with it is anybody’s guess, but it did not affect the message from the administration that “we have it all under control” until it didn’t.

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    2. Uh, No. What has been debunked is the idea that the information in question made it to Trump in November. The paragraph in the article is entirely accurate.

      With that nitpick aside, I am pleased to note that you seem ready to accept that the overall thrust of the story is accurate. Trump has wrapped his decision to put his thumb in the eye of the WHO with yet another pack of lies, half-truths and distortions.

      And maybe you can agree that such petty scapegoating is totally unworthy of a great nation? Disgraceful, in fact. The WHO did NOT cause this country to become the epicenter of the pandemic. And their work plays a very important role in detecting and fighting any such outbreak.

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      1. “petty scapegoating“

        The only go-to for the Child in Charge is to create a target and then attack with misinformation/hyperbole/outright lies, and if that fails to play the poor me victim card.

        The daily displays of his incompetence and ignorance should be enough to get him out of office.

        One would hope….

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