6 thoughts on “ZH: Here’s How To Monitor The Status Of Your Federal Stimulus Check

  1. So, the site keeps crashing. Kinda like the Obamacare site did, huh? Fortunately Trump said he could have done the MarketPlace without it crashing.

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  2. I hope they get the relief money in the hands of those in need without too much delay.

    I finished the taxes yesterday and in response to my wife’s query about how it went I replied, “ well, lets just say we provided well over a hundred relief checks to the cause”.

    Her response, “well, better than helping fund another trip to Mar a Lago”.

    I married well….

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    1. This comment really belongs on an earlier posting in which Trump’s name on the paper checks represented a sense of humor by the Treasury.

      Speaking of a sense of humor, this should bring a chuckle:

      “if I wanted a check signed by Donald Trump I would’ve become a porn star.”

      I know, he isn’t signing the check, just putting his name on it for free publicity courtesy of the American taxpayer.

      I guess it worked before. He got plenty of publicity with his hush money payouts to Stormy and friends.

      I guess that also settled the issue of whether a Trump paid his suppliers.

      (Drum roll.)

      (Please tip your waitress.)

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  3. Interestingly enough, I found the best way to monitor the status of the relief check was to check my bank account.

    My household, my daughter’s household and my son all received ours on Saturday. (And no Donald Trump in the memo line of the direct deposit.) The only one we are still waiting for is my mother-in-law’s. She is a non-tax paying Social Security recipient And I keep seeing conflicting stories on whether or not my wife needs to register her DDS info. I don’t see why that would be necessary as her SS check is direct deposited already.


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