ZH: Ron Paul: Trump Should Fire Fauci, He Wants “To Have Total Control Over The People”


I’m sympathetic to Ron Paul’s thinking, but I’m not eager to see Fauci fired yet.

Fauci’s comments in the daily briefings have been informative and helpful. We need him and his perspective for continuity as we all continue to learn more about coronavirus.

You might, however, notice a subtle shift in the scientific messaging at the briefings. At first, the scientific objective was to stem the death rate from Covid-19. We were told horrifying numbers (e.g., as many as 2 million Americans might die) to justify the scientific advice we were getting. Now, the scientific objective is to achieve strong community surveillance down to the county level throughout the country.

Fauci and Birx seem to go along with this, but the rest of us need to be skeptical. Science is all good and well, but it can also be the handmaiden that brings compromises to liberty.

My sense is that the president understands the issue, and that Fauci does, too. So, until Fauci makes a move to break with administration policy, I’m OK with the status quo.

8 thoughts on “ZH: Ron Paul: Trump Should Fire Fauci, He Wants “To Have Total Control Over The People”

  1. The link to InfoWars sort of lost my attention. I tried to read a bit of it, but got dizzy with all the conspiracies, especially the ones involving Bill Gates.

    Back to reality.

    I have a stake in the outcome of this crisis. I am 73, I have family that is immunocompromised, and my retirement is all my own investments.

    So I have little patience for this administration’s chaotic, daily back and forth on what works, what doesn’t, that we have testing, that we don’t have testing, adding zinc to this and that, and saying that we should open the country because…

    What worries me is that any decisions that come from this administration are impulses, not based on what is really happening. Fauci and Brix are the only backstop we have.

    The one saving grace is that no matter what the administration decides, governors will run the show. And most of the red state ones are far enough away from here so they can do whatever floats their boats.

    So I will throw my support behind Northam who has done a pretty good job so far.

    And we know that the faith of most Americans are much more in line with the governors than Trump. Despite his ratings braggadocio, Americans are not happy the way he has been, and is still, handling this crisis.

    If we kickstart this economy too soon, I believe that we will be right back at square one, with trillions more in debt.


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    1. RE: “If we kickstart this economy too soon, I believe that we will be right back at square one, with trillions more in debt.”

      If we don’t kickstart it soon enough, it won’t matter if we go back to square one. This is why Fauci, for all the value added that he brings to the public square, needs to be regarded with respectful skepticism.


          1. True. But for now it is the only one causing a mass grave in NY and converting ice rinks to morgues in Spain.

            This should give most humans pause.

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          2. RE: “If someone really has to explain to you why possibly millions of avoidable deaths is a bad thing then you are . . .”

            If you think it needs to be explained, you are living in a fantasy. The point is it is stupid to say things like, “Dead people are dead,” as you did.


        1. @Roberts

          I said the economy can be revived. Dead people cannot. When policy decisions are about trading deaths for faster economic recovery it is a distinction worth keeping in mind. Unless your answer to everything is “So what?”

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