PJM: BREAKING: FBI Knew Before Mueller Probe That Hillary’s Steele Dossier Was Russian Disinformation


I expect we’ll be hearing more about this, because statutory violations are likely at play. Of particular interest: The fantasy that Trump and/or his campaign subordinates were Russian assets is becoming increasing difficult to sustain. Cognitive dissonance.

18 thoughts on “PJM: BREAKING: FBI Knew Before Mueller Probe That Hillary’s Steele Dossier Was Russian Disinformation

    1. RE: “Torn between ‘distract’ and ‘deflect’.”

      You are welcome to explain or defend either one. If you can’t, or don’t, they don’t matter.


      1. Hell, even the headline for the post is flat out untrue.

        This nothingburger is Johnson and Grassley making some noise to serve as cover for Barr to go after the “deep state” FBI agents who are not loyal to his master.

        Horowitz got it right: sloppy/lazy work in obtaining FISA warrants, but investigation WAS justified.

        Considering what was found it was obviously true…

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      2. RE: “Horowitz got it right…”

        Horowitz got a lot of thing right, including the potential for criminal prosecution. That’s why this particular declassification is significant.


  1. I thought that the Mueller investigation was precipitated by Trump firing Comey. And the first reason was because Comey was incompetent according to requested letter from Rosenstein. Then the next reason was because Comey was investigating the Russian/Trump Campaign connections. Like watching a tennis match from center court.

    Toss in Manafort connections, Don, Jr. actively pursuing supposed information from “high up” in Moscow about Clinton and other assorted inexplicable connections. Never mind the long relationship with Trump and the oligarchs with regards to spending millions on Trump deals and possible loan arrangements since Trumps name was poop in the legitimate credit world by then. And the lying about no deals in Moscow which were ongoing after they were supposedly cut off.

    Trump was advised about the dossier January 6, before he took office.

    I guess there could be some grand conspiracy, but I suspect that the FBI, like other law enforcement agencies everywhere, may have used the dossier to pave the FISA warrants because it was easier. Not that such should be an excuse. But that it sets up a classic level of false equivalency.

    Anyway, time to drag the FBI, Hillary and maybe a Pizza shop out again just in case Trump fumbles this crisis.

    Of course this is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of the management, my barber or my dog.

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    1. RE: “I thought that the Mueller investigation was precipitated by Trump firing Comey. And the first reason was because Comey was incompetent according to requested letter from Rosenstein.”

      If Comey allowed known disinformation from Russia to be the basis of FISA warrant applications bearing his own signature, then he was incompetent, or worse.

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      1. That is kind of moot. Trump made up the letters “written” by Rosenstein. Then said the Russia investigation was the reason. And not because of FISA. Just because Comey wouldn’t kiss his ass.

        The FISA distraction is just that. A loose procedural and judicial mechanism that needs to be tightened to avoid future abuse.

        But it doesn’t absolve all the anti-American activities that the campaign sought and benefited from or the 10 or so obstructions of justice committed by Trump, but his buddy decided to ignore.

        But like I said, false equivalency is the mantra of the right, the GOP and Trump.

        Simple as that.


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        1. Wow man. Just wow. I can not imagine the disdain you have for another person that you try to convince others we should also despise that person. This is beneath you. But then again, seeing some of your recent posts maybe I give you too much credit.


          1. Convince? Hardly.

            Just voicing my opinion about a corrupt president.

            If my post was factually wrong please let me know. I have been wrong and admitted it when showed the errors.

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          2. RE: “Just voicing my opinion about a corrupt president.”

            Yes, obsessively. The issue at hand is actually FBI fraud. I don’t think reality is going to follow your lead.


          3. @Roberts

            The only “issue at hand” is just how laughable are theses absurd die-hard Trump lovers who – for about 18 months now – keep believing that just around the bend is evidence that will overturn the truth. That truth is that Trump is a de facto Russian asset who would not be in office without the efforts of V. Putin to sow misinformation and chaos in our election. Just as he has done in several other democratic countries.

            Time and again you have lead with your chin spreading the kind of nonsense that PJMedia trades in and time and again the big news – when it broke – turned into yet another nothing burger.

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          4. RE: “That truth is that Trump is a de facto Russian asset…”

            Nope. If it is true that Russia is the source of the disinformation in the Steele dossier, then the narrative that Trump is a Russian asset is simply false.


          5. @Roberts

            There is not ANY “disinformation” in the Steele Dossier. Its most salient points have been confirmed over and over again. Sure, we do not know if Trump’s interest in pee is real or not, but it is telling of the low level of his ugly personal behavior and hatred of President Obama that it cannot be reasonably dismissed out of hand.

            And, yes, Trump is a de facto Russian asset. Almost everything has done has furthered Russian aims. Undermining the Ukraine in its deadly struggle with Putin is only the tip of the iceberg. Here is a piece by a historically conservative pundit . . .


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      2. “The issue is FBI fraud.”

        Misbehavior, sloppy work, unprofessional acts…I think we can agree on that.

        Yet it is hard to ignore the reasons for the investigations in the first place.

        I blame Comey for his unprofessional act of reopening the email issue on spurious reasons a week before the election. Yet the right will never let go of the server issue to begin with. “Lock her up” pops up at rallies years later, precipitated by Trump of course.

        Why? Because without the underlying issue, the consequences would have been vastly different.

        The president and his campaign were so closely entwined with Russia both economically and, by some, politically, that for the FBI to ignore that relationship with an adversary it has been dueling with since the end of WW2 would have been almost impossible. And a dereliction of duty, I would add.

        So the investigation into FISA abuse has ties to a president and his behavior that are critical. If some want to reopen this, they need to understand that the can of worms might hold a baby rattler.


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        1. RE: “Misbehavior, sloppy work, unprofessional acts…I think we can agree on that.”

          Sorry, no. I don’t equate “misbehavior, sloppy work, unprofessional acts” with fraud. I’m at a loss to comprehend why you would.


          1. “Go there”?

            There are more than a few for profit universities that have been exposed as fraudulent in their sales techniques and success rates. Charities have plenty of fraud.

            Interestingly enough, I know you assumed whom I might have been referring to, which tells me that you are aware of corruption at the highest levels, but it is not an issue you want to confront.

            But you brought up fraud. I contend that the FBI did not commit fraud, but an abuse of power and procedure might be a better definition.

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