From one Commonwealth to another

There have been many complaints over the years about how Virginia runs the in-state liquor business. I tend to agree with those complaints. The ability to walk in to Costco or Sam’s Club to purchase my adult beverage of choice would be nice. Or even Kroger or Wegman’s.

But based on this piece, we have it a lot better than our Commonwealth brethren. I don’t know how Kentucky or Massachusetts handle this, but our Pennsylvanian brethren are realy taking in the shots (intended).

And starting today, you can get take-out cocktails with your meal. “I’d like to start my dinner with a Bombay Sapphire Martini, in and out the vermouth, and an order of fried pickles. For the entree, I think the grilled tuna special with angel hair pasta. 45 minutes? Great. See you then”

5 thoughts on “From one Commonwealth to another

    1. RE: “The State should not engage in ANY retail business.”

      No, it shouldn’t. State-run business is an inherent conflict of interest. And once you normalize moral hazard, it automatically proliferates, just as surely as bad money drives out good (money).

      The lottery is another example. Back in the day we were told the proceeds would go to the school budget. Some do, no doubt, but only after being laundered through the General Fund.


  1. Three time over the past 2 weeks?

    I’ve been ordered off the Chesapeake Bay and other inland Virginia waterways by law enforcement because of “orders”.

    Come on! Each time I was told to leave I either was the only person there fishing or the next guy/gal was far enough away so that our lines get tangled up.

    See where I’m going?

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    1. Next time they tell you to leave, you should tell them to read the orders that allows fishing as an outdoor recreational activity okey-doked by Governor Northam.

      Also, are you sure this is on the correct thread?


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