Some info on the VA redistricting amendment.

For policy wonking (spelled with an “o” not an “a”) outside the realm of Coronavirus, Trump and the economy, here are links from the Princeton Gerrymandering Project about Virginia’s amendment. Yes, it is a big deal nationally.

Minority protections seem solid. This was a sticking point that almost killed the bill.

The process. It reminds me of picking teams as kids. (I was usually last and got right field.)

And last, but not least, transparency requirements. Yes, we get to see how some of the sausage is made after all.

5 thoughts on “Some info on the VA redistricting amendment.

  1. The “Minority Protections” are objectionable to me.

    It is really time for us to let racial division die.

    These ‘protections’ still presume that my former neighbor, a married, suburban homeowner with 2 respectful and adorable children has more in common with a single mother on public assistance in section 8 housing in Richmond than he does with me simply because he and she are black.

    There is something wrong with having that presumption be written into law.

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    1. “It is really time for us to let racial division die.”

      Agreed. And this amendment CAN achieve that. Yes, minority voters are getting protections. It is too bad they are necessary, but that is just the way it is. But so is the entire state. We will be protected whit districts that are drawn fairly, without regard to which voters live in them.

      You don’t know how districts will look after the Census and the new districts are drawn. You and your neighbor may find yourselves drawn into the 3rd District and Bobby Scott will be your Congressional representative.

      You were supportive of the idea of the amendment. Not everyone is ever completely happy with these things. Wait and see how it works, then go back to your complaining.

      Unless you want to go back to the old system and let the Dems draw districts how they want them stacked.

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      1. “time for us to let racial division die.“

        Even five years ago I would have probably agreed with acting as if such divisions were a dying influence unworthy of protecting any longer.

        However, if the last 3 plus years have taught me anything; it is that deep seated racial hatred is very much alive and well in the hearts and minds of a significant number of American citizens.

        So, sadly, protections ARE needed. IMO.

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  2. Nothing is perfect.

    This beats the heck out of letting the Democrats create solid districts for the next 10 years, don’t you think.

    I knew you would.

    Besides, I don’t think your neighbor is going to be shifted into another district. Not unless you go with him.

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