No matter what side of the aisle you are on, this is just flat out wrong.

With a pandemic sweeping the country, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, backed by SCOTUS, just ruled that changing the date for when absentee ballots can be received is okey-dokey.

This is after the GOP-led state legislature went against the governor’s idea to either move the election date (which 10 of 11 states with primaries in April have already done), or at least extend the date when absentee ballots can be received and counted. Thousands of voters in Wisconsin will be disenfranchised by this move. And ALL in the name of politics and the GOP maintaining their power (through god-awful levels of gerrymandering as cited in the article.)

If you think it is the Democrats who are politicizing the pandemic in this country, you may want to think again. And now approved by SCOTUS. – All IMHO

15 thoughts on “No matter what side of the aisle you are on, this is just flat out wrong.

  1. When in doubt, follow the instructions (i.e., the law).

    While the law states absentee ballots must be received/post marked by a certain date? It doesn’t take into account for events which drastically affects/effects elections.

    This is something which all political parties should figure out. Choose candidates either by primary or at a convention.

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      1. Len?

        Weekend phone call with my youngest brother (resides between Green Bay and Milwaukee). When it came to politics? These are Q & A’s minus his invectives:

        Q: What’s going on up there in there Boogerville?
        A: Craig? Tuesday is the Presidential primary plus when we elect one State supreme court judge and a bunch of other judges.

        Q: Anything else?
        A: Nope. The next election dates are in May and November.

        FYI – Daniel Kelly is running unchallenged for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.

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        1. Here is a link to the ballot in Milwaukee (used local hotel address)

          If you need to re enter the address, I used 625 N. Milwaukee St, Milwaukee 53202

          According to the ballot, Daniel Kelly is NOT running unopposed. His challenger is Jill J. Karofsky. Now, the ballot still has 12 Democratic candidates listed for President (including Craig’s pick Tulsi Gabbard), so it is possible she dropped out of the race after the ballots were finalized.

          However, I don’t believe there would have been the uproar if that were the case. And why would Trump come out and Tell Wisconsin voters to support a candidate with no opposition?

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    1. Agreed on the law. However, the GOP majority in the legislature did not work WITH the Democratic governor to ensure a fair election while protecting the citizens of their state. It is a blatant partisan move that the legislature pulled to hold power and do all it could to ensure that the state supreme court seat stays in GOP control.

      Extenuating circumstances, especially with regards to a fair election, should have been considered. And it doesn’t appear that is the case.


      1. Adam?

        Democratic/Republican primary dates on the calendar are set by the 50 states.

        Whether or not each party chooses to pay for the process…is up to each of them.

        National/statewide primaries didn’t begin until about 100 years ago (pretty sure it was New Hampshire…(could be wrong) but was how and why Eisenhower upsetted Truman’s 3rd term in the 1950’s.


        1. Yes. Elections are absolutely run by the states, including the General election in November.

          My point is that the GOP led legislature appears to have put party above people (Yeah, I know. Murphy used that same line. But if the foo shits…). What would have been the harm in changing the dates for absentee ballots getting a one week extension? A purely political move by the GOP legislature. And now, according to the Lt Governor, the election is a “shit show”.

          Had to check the dates for the 22nd amendment. It was ratified in 1951, prior to that election, so he would have been eligible, but he was not very popular. Ike was a war hero and would have beaten FDR if he hadn’t died. (IMHO)


          1. A one week delay wouldn’t be enough time, mainly because their legislature is in recess. Yeah, I know, they could’ve reassembled and passed legislation to change the dates as well as any other needed legislation in regards to the absentee ballots (like eligibility) but didn’t. Neither did their governor recall them…ergo, there both parties are at fault for being reactionary rather then being proactive.

            IMHO – Wisconsin’s primary is looking like it’s going to mostly be mailed-in/absentee ballots. It’s going to take weeks to print enough of them and get them in the mail…which will more than likely require additional funding. This is going to be complicated by any state law which requires voter identification/residency by address..


          2. “It’s going to take weeks to print enough of them and get them in the mail”

            Craig, that was what the governor was asking for; an extension of the time for absentee ballots to be received. That was what got shot down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court and upheld by SCOTUS.

            “This is going to be complicated by any state law which requires voter identification/residency by address..”

            The model for this exists already in Washington State, which is ALL mail-in. There are other states that have similar requirements for absentee voting that make it work. If it is already out there, all it takes is the will of the legislature to put it in place. This is not an instance of “We are Alabama, not California. Not New York” rhetoric. It is not only doable, but it is already being done.


          3. @ Adam


            There are models amongst the 50 states for Wisconsin to adapt/follow.

            However, comma? While I’m neither a resident nor elected politician? What other laws must be changed/modified for this to happen? IN the case of Wisconsin – there’s 172 years of history (laws) which must be factored and accounted for.

            In my experience? The sole difference between Democrats and Republicans…is how quickly they “bend the knee” to those with money.


          4. I recommend my post concerning Voting by mail to see where my issue lies.

            As far as changing laws, you might want to take into account the extraordinary circumstances going on right now. If it were 2018, I don’t believe it would be as big an issue. It would still need addressed, but we are discussing the ideas about not only the WI primary, but the general election come November.

            I don’t disagree completely with your sentiment. I disagree with one party doing all it can to prevent people from exercising their civic duty. And blatantly saying it would be bad for that particular party for this to occur.


  2. It is beyond wrong.

    “ In Milwaukee, election officials announced that the state only has enough election workers to open five poll locations — when the city would normally have 180 polling places.”

    Add in that thousands of absentee ballots had not even been mailed out.

    What any discerning person would wise is that the Republicans have effectively made it impossible to vote by closing the polls.

    Big stink about closing gun shops and ranges during the pandemic, but Republicans don’t give a crap about closing the polls.

    Why, because they win when they cheat.

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