For Information Only

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4 thoughts on “For Information Only

  1. Years of “spin” about why direct sales couldn’t happen, much less direct to consumer shipping, goes poof when all the BS is stripped away. Why the hell is the Commonwealth in the liquor business anyway?

    P.S. “temporary” ?? LOL


      1. Competition would be nice.

        Wife prefers a pricey single scotch that I buy in Florida for $259.

        Finally got ABC to order it and they priced it at $399….nuff said.


        1. Wifey no cheap date.

          Single malt scotches are fine. My step-mother likes them. But not necessarily at that level.

          Eagle Rare 10 year old single barrel bourbon for me. About $5 cheaper in New Jersey where pops is. And they can get it at Costco.


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