Pentagon report on 1/6/17 specifically warned about Coronavirus and our lack of supplies.

A copy of the actual unclassified report can be read from cover to cover at this site.

I guess it was totally ignored since we’ve been told that nobody could have known about this. The question I have is how freaking specific does a warning have to be? We have the most expensive, modern and well trained DOD in the world and their report is not even mentioned.

Or someone lied about it.

Trump has repeated the following many times:

“I would view it as is something that just surprised the whole world,” the president said on March 19. “And if people would have known about it, it could have stopped — stopped being in place. Nobody knew there’d be a pandemic or an epidemic of this proportion. Nobody had ever seen anything like this before.”

On March 26, he added, “Nobody would have ever thought a thing like this could have happened.”

Accountability. It means something. Just ask Captain Crozier.

In my opinion, this January, 2017 report shows without a doubt that this administration is completely responsible for the flat-footed response and poor preparedness for this crisis. Period.


15 thoughts on “Pentagon report on 1/6/17 specifically warned about Coronavirus and our lack of supplies.

  1. This is not his fault.

    Not his responsibility.

    Trump is a “stable genius” with no need to listen to anything from these “deep state” “enemies of the people” who wrote this plan “just to make him look bad” if something that “nobody could know about” should happen. Obviously.

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  2. RE: “Inexcusable.”

    Only to the unreasonable.

    Reports like this one are a dime a dozen in the military. You’ll find similar reports for chemical, radiological and nuclear threats, as well as for climate change, cyber attack, EMP, and even asteroid strikes and UFOs.

    You might notice that the purpose of the report is to provide “overarching planning guidance for USNORTHCOM response operations to an operationally significant infectious disease outbreak” (page 3). As such, it applies to military preparedness and does not apply to civil government operations.

    Instead of looking for people to blame, we should be happy our DOD is doing its job as it should.


    1. The DOD did its job. Our Commander in Chief did not.

      This report was not about leaking toilets at a base in Texas. I was a clear report to the new administration about the biggest threat we face and what we needed to do to prepare for it.

      And now we see memos from one of Trump’s top advisors, Navarro, date January 29, that the potential risk of a lethal and economically devastating pandemic was real.

      I think Trump’s persistent lie that no one could foresee this crisis is shot full of holes.

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      1. RE: “It was a clear report to the new administration about the biggest threat we face and what we needed to do to prepare for it.”

        No, it wasn’t. As I quoted, the audience for the report is USNORTHCOM, not the president or any other civilian authority. Your interpretation is simply wrong.


        1. RE: “The president is the Commander in Chief of our military.”

          And your mom is your mom. So what?

          Your commentary here is a dog bark barking up the wrong tree.


          1. Deny, deny, deny.

            Trump lied when he said no one could foresee the threat.

            Even Navarro warned him. Albeit 3 years later but still 6 weeks before Trump admitted he was wrong all along on March 13 or 16.

            Oh, perhaps you did not know that my mother, God test her soul, is not CINC of our military.

            If she were she might have heeded warnings rather than attend rallies, play golf and tweet all day.

            Just sayin’.

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          2. “The command is tasked with providing military support for non-military authorities in the U.S., and protecting the territory and national interests of the United States within the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, The Bahamas, and the air, land and sea approaches to these areas. It is the U.S. military command which, if applicable, would be the primary defender against an invasion of the U.S.”

            So you are saying Trump doesn’t have responsibility for that large group.


    2. @Roberts

      Of course serious people like our military plan for all sorts of possibilities. So, your observation that such reports are “a dime a dozen” is certainly not wrong. But that does not mean that their work is safely to be ignored. Past Presidents have surrounded themselves with hard-working and competent staff to prepare regular briefings and to help him identify what is important. President Obama, for example, had staff whose sole function was to monitor threats presented by disease outbreaks around the world. Trump got rid of them.

      Furthermore, Trump does not hide his disdain for staffers from the “deep state” and does not want to hear from them. He frequently does not bother to read his daily briefing materials which have been condensed and dumbed down for his benefit. Instead he relies on Fox and Friends. Savvy “deep staters” have had to resort to planting information with them so that Trump will pay attention.

      None of this discussion is about blaming Trump. His failures are obvious. It is about pushing back on his outrageous and self-serving lies. In this case the lie that nobody knew that a pandemic was possible or would be so devastating.

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      1. RE: “But that does not mean that their work is safely to be ignored.”

        Blah, blah, blah. The question at issue is whether USNORTHCOM implemented its own plan effectively. Beyond that, there is nothing to know here.


        1. The question at issue is what did the president know and when did he know it? Or at least, when was he told about it?

          There is way too much information coming out that shows the President’s lack of understanding of his position. Or at least his ignorance either through omission by his APPOINTED underlings, or his ability to pay attention.

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          1. Nah, he knew. He was sweating his re-election based on the DOW.

            Plus “fake news” tickles his supporters.

            As it turned out the media and Democrats were all on the money and Trump/FOX were liars and played our lives for political advantage.


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