Yes, a disgraceful firing!

From the article . . .

“About a month ago, when Trump was still calling concern about the coronavirus a “hoax,” the New York Times reported that Esper had “urged American military commanders overseas not to make any decisions related to the coronavirus that might surprise the White House or run afoul of President Trump’s messaging on the growing health challenge.””

Captain Crozier is a hero. We need a government where heroism, not loyalty to Trump’s lies, is how you advance your career.

13 thoughts on “Yes, a disgraceful firing!

  1. Can’t read the article behind a paywall, but the quote you provide is telling.

    Trump did not all the virus, or concern about it, a hoax, he called the political use of the virus a hoax, or more accurately, an continuation of the endless investigations since before he took office a hoax.

    If the remainder of the article is equally dishonest, I’m not missing anything by not being able to read it.

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  2. @Tabor

    What is dishonest is spreading the falsehood that Trump did not plant the word “hoax” in the mind of the public. He did. And you know it. And the behavior of people at Mardi Gras and Spring Break confirms how successful he was in downplaying the threat.

    Also dishonest is ignoring what Trump now says – he knew all along that a disaster was looming. Maybe before anybody. That is what it is like to be a stable genius. So, knowing that a disaster was looming, he called reporting of it a “hoax” contrived to hurt him. Let’s see you spin THAT away.

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    1. I don’t think Paul or ANYONE should give “it” a rest.

      While it is a useless endeavor when it comes to those in the cult, providing facts and context to the daily clusterfuck that is our Executive branch has become is nothing short of patriotic.

      Perhaps you should give your complacency and denial of reality “a rest”…

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  3. @Jim

    Uh, No.

    You seem totally oblivious to the fact that tolerating the lies, incompetence and downright banality of the Trump cult is dangerous to our country and to you and me personally. Not to mention our children and grandchildren.

    If you think I point out these failings too vigorously just imagine what you, Tabor or Roberts would be doing if this were President Obama dragging down our country day after day with lies and bullshit.

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      1. @Jim

        I have no basis for disputing your claim that it is SOP for the Navy to fire people for telling the truth or allowing its dirty linen to be seen by the public. That does not make this firing any less disgraceful. Especially when so many young lives are at risk on the TR. If his career is ruined, it was in the noblest of causes. That is the definition of a hero – someone who sacrifices himself for others.

        By the way, I did not lay this disgrace directly on Trump but, as the saying goes, the fish rots from the head. No way should Mark Esper be in charge of DoD. He is nothing but a defense contractor lobbyist with zero bona fides for such a position. Don’t you agree?

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        1. Esper doesn’t really have anything to do with this either. It was the (acting) Secretary of the Navy, whose bona fides are beyond reproach.

          To your point, though: Mattis should be SECDEF.


      2. Putz idiots that have no idea how the military works trying to make it a political statement against Trump is what is disgraceful. They need to put a sock in the pie hole.

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