A word about rolling back auto mileage standards: Why?


Even the car companies had no problem since the engineering had been in place.

Business Insider lays out the facts:

Cars are safer now than ever, even with the new mileage standards.

Some of the safest high mileage cars are substantially cheaper, not more expensive as touted by the regime.

Cars are not like papier-mâché, as stated by Trump. They fare much better than older “tanks” because of engineering.

So the question is “why is the regime rolling back standards”. The facts show that the cars would be cheaper, safer and more economical to run and own.

And the manufacturers say they are fine with the Obama rules.

There has to be a reason why not only is the regime lying, but why now in the middle of a pandemic.

Oil? Ideology? Hatred for Obama?

I’m perplexed.

(What else is new?)

9 thoughts on “A word about rolling back auto mileage standards: Why?

  1. trump will always be in Obama’s shadow. Rolling back agreed to and useful restrictions for the sake of corporate profits is a two-fer for him; line fat cat pockets and hurt the Obama legacy.

    Of course it just makes him look smaller (if possible) and enhances his own corrupt place in history.

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    1. But my understanding is that the engineering, supply lines, etc., are well on their way to meeting Obama’s standards. And that manufacturers are not really keen on undoing that.

      Also, even for the most ardent opponent of AGC would still breathe better air, particularly in major metropolitan areas., which actually do include suburbs and nearby exurbs, Trump country.

      I believe in follow the money. The only money I see is oil.

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      1. Yes, the industry was poised, but they will save money each year they delay.

        Depending on where they are in the process they may proceed on a piecemeal basis to gain a competitive edge.

        All of which makes the rollbacks even more galling.

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    1. What do you against better air to breathe?

      “Unsafe at Any Speed” exposed market failures. The Ford Pinto gas tank exposed how corporate America acts when they think no one is looking.

      Crash testing, crumple zones, airbags have all been successful in bringing our fatality rates way down since the bad old days.

      No need to return to those days.

      Sometimes companies need to appreciate the value of being in America and a nudge to provide safer, less polluting cars helps them do just that. VW paid a serious price by ignoring that dictum and cheating on their diesel cars.

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      1. “Unsafe at any speed” was Ralph Nader’s screed against GM and the Corvair. His claim was that because it was a rear engine car it was unstable. His book sold well and ended the Corvair.

        The problem is that when actual testing was done, the Corvair proved to be just as safe as any other car in its weight class. The book was a made up crisis with no basis in fact.

        The problem with the CAFE standards comes back to the whole exploitation of the heartland by the cites problem,

        To sell one SUV or pickup truck, the manufacturers have to sell 2 or 3 of the small cars. The profit is in the larger vehicle. So, the city folk get their small cars barely above cost so the country folk can have a pickup. Since so few can be made, they sell at a premium price. $80,000 is common for a pickup truck,

        So, drop the CAFE standard and let the manufacturers compete for both kinds of vehicles on their merits. The result will be that pickups will become competitive again and small cars will still be affordable, though at a competitive profit margin.


        1. Except Ford, which has decided to stop making all sedans (including small cars) and focus on Trucks and SUVs; and the Mustang, which is a car also not known for getting good gas mileage. So they must know something.


    2. Nothing, I hope the free market system works to the advantage of manufacturers/vehicles compliant with the prior standard.

      Maybe it could serve as an object lesson on doing the smart (less polluting) thing on their own without the need for Government intervention.

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