The 2nd Amendment revised? VCDL is trying shamelessly to do just that.

“The suspension of constitutionally enumerated rights constitutes an ‘infringement,’ both of the right to ‘keep and bear arms’ and the right to be ‘trained to arms.’”

I reread the Second and could not find “trained to arms”.

Ironically, I have advocated for years that there should be a training requirement for competency in firearms before being able to buy guns. After all a “well regulated militia” is meaningless if gun owners can’t hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle or clean and maintain their arms.

And now the gun folks are getting their panties in a wad over not being able to shoot in a closed range during the COVID-19 crisis.

The logistics in a range with stations less than 6 feet apart, paying fees, opening double doors, wearing goggles after handling anything like mats, targets, etc. are fraught with peril. If you need to learn how to shoot, who is going to show you? From 6 feet away.

Sorry, the irresponsibility of this action by the gun lobby is downright dangerous, selfish, uncaring and perhaps unpatriotic in a time of a national pandemic. If someone can’t wait a month or two to see if they can in fact hit the aforementioned bull with a new found weapon, then perhaps they should think again and stay home.

19 thoughts on “The 2nd Amendment revised? VCDL is trying shamelessly to do just that.

  1. Barr is looking for indefinite confinement. The problem is that those who want the government to be afraid of them also think Barr is the best thing since sliced bread.


  2. The Governor’s response of “crickets” is completely appropriate.

    Exempting gun shops and ranges was a political move for NRA/voter support that flies in the face of the needful temporary shutdowns we need as a Country.


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  3. How many times have gun control advocates been told EXACTLY what the 2A says? And now, for their own purposes they are CHANGING EXACTLY what the 2A says. SMFC (Scratching my fuzzy chin)

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  4. If there was evidence needed of the pernicious impact of the gun lobby – it was not – then we have some in the DHS guidance that operating a shooting range is essential, right up there with providing food and medicine.

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  5. Your read the wrong amendment. The line is in Article I section 13 of the VA Constitution.

    But the real problem comes from the elimination of online training for obtaining a CHP. Combined with closing locations for in person training, obtaining a CHP has become problematic.

    Since the differences between open and concealed carry are entirely legalities, there was no good reason to eliminate online training.

    Had the governor not tried to fix something that wasn’t broken, there would be no real basis for this.


    1. According to your correction of what we should be reading, it also states …”standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty”… You want to run that by the DOD and those soldiers stationed at Fort Eustis?

      Nor does ART I, Sec 13 say anything about online training.


      1. The point remains that Northam increased the requirements for training for a CHP and then closed the locations for that training, effectively nullifying existing law. A lawsuit is the proper response.


      1. Really?

        Open carry is legal with no training at all, just as you do not need a degree in English to exercise free speech or civics for voting. You can’t require competency for exercising a right.

        The differences between open and concealed carry are strictly legalities, there is no difference in actual competence required.

        So, why would an online course be deficient for teaching those legalities?


        1. My beef is with minimal competency for anyone carrying a loaded deadly weapon, concealed or not.

          If that is not critical for public safety, the we might as well let 5 year olds pack heat.

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  6. Two things that should never be mixed are considered “essential”: Booze and guns. One should be deemed non-essential. I’ll let you figure out which.

    I’ve done on-line training for various things throughout my life. Clicking through is easy and quick. And completely defeats the purpose of on line training.

    And when this is all done, those who desire a CHP can go through the legal process to obtain one. Convenience for something as potentially dangerous as guns should not trump common sense.


    1. So, with the cities emptying the jails to prevent COVID-19 infections inside and the police distracted and decimated by the disease, you don’t think this is a good time for people to prepare to defend themselves?


      1. I would surmise that the people standing in line for guns now already own a small arsenal. Unless you can show that the majority , or even ALL of the purchases happening now are NEW gun owners, I say the sales fall under non essential.

        And just in case you don’t believe that I support the ideals of the 2A, my son just asked my permission to purchase a gun for personal safety and bring it into my house (where he lives), I said yes. But he should be properly trained in its use and care. He said, “OH Absolutely”. He has handled guns before, hunting rifles and shotguns to be exact. But he acknowledges the need to be trained properly. He does NOT feel the need for a CHP, but if he wants one later, he will go through the legal process to obtain one.

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