Epidemic on the first Navy ship

Captain seeks immediate removal of 90% of the crew.

Remember the unapproved anthrax vaccine the military foist on the servicemen?  Sure, you remember.  Retired RADM Crowe was a owner in the lab that developed it.

Well, when a vaccine, any vaccine, for COVID becomes available, I know who the lab rats will be.

7 thoughts on “Epidemic on the first Navy ship

    1. I was glad to see Fauci and Birx be let off their chains and allowed to lay some cold hard honest truth on the American people yesterday.

      In fact only one person at the presser told any bald face lies…baby steps.

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  1. Was he still on active duty when he became part owner? Seriously, I believe he was the SUPPO for a time while I was attached to The Big Stick, and then he was base commander at Little Creek. I got anthrax vaccine in 2005 while on TR. He had transferred by then but was still active.

    Unless I am mixing my Crowes.


    1. 3 years on Guam as a teen, learned to drive there and most roads were a mix of dirt and coral, slippery as hell (even without alcohol)…

      Dove the reef most everyday….

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