This is what happens when there are no sports to discuss

Of note is the fact that Francesa was a Trump advocate/supporter in 2016.

He can’t attack the owner of the Knicks, James Dolan, because he tested positive. And no matter how badly Dolan needs kicked for his stewardship of the Knicks, you can’t do it if he’s sick. He can’t talk about the upcoming baseball season in a city with two teams because we just don’t know when it’s going to open. I suppose it leads to the “everyone’s a critic” mindset.

However, Mike’s comments on the “My Pillow” guy and Trump’s “theories” concerning the shortages of PPE in NY is dead on. I didn’t always agree on some of his sports opinions, but he gets it. He’s a New Yorker and they don’t speak softly or carry a little stick.

24 thoughts on “This is what happens when there are no sports to discuss

      1. Both, and I’m currently trying to decide the over/under on the number of births/divorces in the US by midnight Dec. 31st… not sure if there is a “sport” in there.


          1. Thanks, there are couple of sites that offer that (and a lot more), was really just kidding about the effects on society of our hunkering down.

            Although I’m sure BOTH will spike….

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  1. I’d like to blame Trump for me just finishing watching “LOVE ACTUALLY” for at least the 50th time since Thanksgiving. But, I can’t. That’s just about the only thing I don’t blame him for. Needless to say THE MR. thinks I’m nuts.

    I just love every line and scene in that movie; not a single throw away scene in it.

    If only “LA” would run continuously on some network till ‘djt’ left-the-building for good, there might be a chance I’d still be sane when he left.

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    1. I own all 11 seasons of MASH. I also watch whatever episode happens to be on (unless I’m watching Jeopardy?) I am ready to break out the DVD’s and start from the beginning, including the original movie and the final episode. For pure escapism, I can always watch the Harry Potter series as well.

      Being in the TV market we are, I can only watch the Mets if they are playing the Nationals, ON national broadcast, or once every couple of seasons, a few games the the Orioles. Not paying $300 a year for the baseball package. Same goes with the Rangers and the Knicks.

      My daughter is trying to get me to start This is Us, but I have my tearjerker show of choice (New Amsterdam) already and don’t know if I want to add another.


      1. My brother send me a copy of the original book, MASH by Richard Hooker, when I reported aboard the USS Rich in 1968 after Radar A School.I read it in one night and laughed out loud for much of it.

        Loved the TV show of course, but the book is a treasure if you can get it or download it.

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  2. Now it’s cheap shots at Mike Lindell’s religious faith?

    I’m not religious myself, but to degrade the influence of religion in someone else’s life seems out of bounds to me.

    20 years ago, Mike Lindell was homeless and addicted to cocaine and alcohol. He got straight through religion and has become successful while doing a great deal of good for others along the way.

    So, I would suggest laying off on his faith.

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    1. A) it wasn’t an attack on Lindell per se, it was on trump’s incompetence.

      B) I think the 300 million or so he has amassed will allow him to weather the (free marketing) criticism…

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    2. I seem to recall a certain Senator from Utah who was scorned and verbally eviscerated by a modern president because he voted his conscience based on his faith.

      I think his name was Romney. The president?


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        1. “President Trump: “I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. Nor do I like people who say ‘I pray for you’ when they know that that’s not so.”

          Trump is insulting theIr sincere beliefs.

          He has not lost his way though. He never had a way. He wouldn’t know deeply held beliefs from a poop bag.

          But that is not what you saw in his foul statements.

          Just a Trump being Trump I suppose.

          That is truly sad.

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          1. IDK, it seems the comments about Romney were much more directed and critical than those of Lindell.

            So I’d have to agree with Herr Doctor that they’re not comparable (don’t know if you’ve lost your way)…


    3. What was the reason Lindell was there? So Trump could thank him personally for making gear for health care providers? OK, fine. Thank you, Mike. The country appreciates your efforts at helping out.” Shake hands (no, he shouldn’t but Trump would any way) , wave and smile at the cameras and go sit down.

      I congratulate Mr. Lindell on overcoming his past. Great story. But I do not believe it is the time or place for him to pontificate on HIS religious beliefs. They are his. As mine are mine and yours are yours. If I want to hear a sermon, I’ll watch the FB live broadcast of the minister at the church my wife and I attends or If and when Rabbi Zoberman does one. Besides, there is already an evangelical there in Mike Pence. No need to bring in another one.

      If this is not proof that Trump is using his daily briefings to replace his MAGA fueled rallies, I don’t know what is. Keep us informed. Let the pros do the majority of the talking and keep your rallies out of the information loop.

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        1. Fine. No problem with that. But his pontification of HIS religious beliefs were not needed to do that. Only Christians sacrifice? Like I said, thank you for your service, sit down shut up and smile.

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        2. Likewise, Romney knew he was making a big political and personal sacrifice for the public good as his principled stand dictated.

          Trump’s insult probably set the new bar for disparaging such actions.

          Reap what you sow.

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          1. You can believe that if you want, but I think Romney was using his religion as an excuse to act on his well known and ongoing dislike for Trump.


          2. We disagree.

            Romney may dislike Trump, but Trump’s obsession with Romney is damn near pathological.

            Romney’s sincerity is something Trump is incapable of understanding.

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          3. …”was using his religion as an excuse to act on his well known and ongoing dislike for Trump.”

            Yeah, using religion for doing the right thing is a terrible reason for doing the right thing.


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