BR: Another Call for Face Masks

Link to source (Bacon’s Rebellion).

The article makes the sensible point, at length, that face masks can stem the transmission of a virus. Significantly, wearing a mask in public may not protect you from being infected by others, but can protect others from being infected by you. I expect we’ll be hearing more about this as time goes on.

The notion holds for both complex manufactured face masks and simple, homemade ones. One also needs to know how to put on and take off a medical mask.

30 thoughts on “BR: Another Call for Face Masks

  1. CNN had this on their website today as well.

    One of the comments under the BR post said something to the effect that the reason masks were not being recommended at first was because of the fear of hoarding. Legitimate considering the hoarding of TP, even though I don’t believe that diarrhea is one of the symptoms.

    There was another article there that has been superseded about how Asia had the right idea on mask usage. But they seem to wear them most of the time anyway.


  2. Dunno, common sense (?) dictates yes, unless because it is unfamiliar to you, you’re constantly adjusting it with your grubby little fingers.

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  3. Do you ever wonder why the fakestream media has convinced leftists that hydroxychloroquine is poisonous fish-tank cleaner?

    Or, why Dem govs are preventing doctors from prescribing it?

    Seriously, why would they do that?!?!?


    1. RE: “Do you ever wonder why the fakestream media has convinced leftists that hydroxychloroquine is poisonous fish-tank cleaner?”

      Interesting question. I’d also like to know why people believe such things.

      I suspect it is because many actually like being sick, sort of a mass hypochondria combined with a reverse-placebo effect.

      What if we learned that SARS-Cov-19 isn’t really very dangerous? There are, after all, two important things we don’t know at present:

      a) How common the virus is in the general population.

      b) How many people who die with the virus actually die of it.


      1. “I’d also like to know why people believe such things.”

        In the case of the couple in Arizona it was pretty clear why they believed it. Because Trump said so. The wife, who survived, said it herself.

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        1. Not as ridiculous as you would think. The wife, in an interview with NBC News stated they tried it because the President said it was an effective treatment. The link was previously posted on this board shortly after the incident.


        2. RE: “Not as ridiculous as you would think.”

          I have seen the story and the quotations. Only an idiot would believe or suggest there is any meaningful connection to the president.

          You are not doing yourself any favors by repeating it.


          1. WTF are you talking about? I didn’t make it meaningful. The lady who drank the fish tank cleaning solution did. Clearly. So yes, the lady and her husband were idiots for believing Trump….Need I say more?


          2. RE: “I didn’t make it meaningful.”

            If you didn’t think the story was meaningful, why did you repeat it? Are you in the habit of repeating meaningless things, as though they are important?


          3. It was in response to the ranting post of TK. And if you think people listening to Trump’s advice and literally killing themselves (remember the husband died ) is meaningless, why do you keep supporting him?

            And I don’t have to ask what your habits are. They are in plain view every time you post something or question someone else’s motives. At least we are honest about our motives. Can you say the same thing?


          4. RE: “And if you think people listening to Trump’s advice and literally killing themselves (remember the husband died) is meaningless, why do you keep supporting him?”

            Your question answers itself.


    2. TK, you are aware of the couple in Arizona that tried it and the husband died from it because they were attempting to self-medicate. And why did they try it? Ask the wife, who said clearly it was because Trumps said it was safe. And I don’t believe they were diagnosed with the virus. They took it as a preventative measure, which it is NOT. It is a treatment (Potentially) for those who have it. There currently is no preventative medication.

      And no governor is preventing doctors form describing it…for folks who need it for lupus and other conditions. It is still questionable whether MEDICAL grade hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for COVID-19. Testing is ongoing and hopefully will prove to be an effective treatment.

      The real question is where on earth do you come up with this bull puckey?


      1. Actually, the fakestream media was the first to report that fish-tank cleaner contained an element that had a similar name as the “Trump pills.” Their efforts to mock and ridicule Mr Trump created the confusion that ultimately killed that poor man.


  4. I think it may be time to look to the past.

    I worked in a hospital 50 years ago. There were no disposable masks or gowns. We laundered them, and autoclaved the critical ones used in surgery. The same went for much of the tubing and other gear.

    I understand that disposables are more efficient in normal times, but these are not normal times. Gowns and masks need to be changed frequently, but if they are properly made, they can be safely reused many times.


    1. True. But how many of the “old school” gowns and masks are around today? Maybe the fashion industry, which has been working to make masks for health care providers, can start making washable gowns. It would also provide new jobs in hospitals for laundry workers. Oh, wait. I just read in the Pilot that hospitals are cutting back on staffing.

      But I think your idea is a good one. And I believe they can be cranked out rather quickly.


    2. I still remember my first two dentists. Dr. Boone and his son-in-law Dr. Hurwitz. Boone never wore a mask, and I can still remember the first time I saw Dr. Hurwitz don one. My next dentist, Dr. Drelan, wore not only a surgical mask, but a full face shield, and paper gown during procedures.


        1. Just one question about the “wet fingered” dentistry thing. Did you wash you hands after cleaning fish and before you “wet fingered” your patients? 😈🤓🐟


          1. Standard practice in those days was to wash your hands on arrival at the office and again, in the patient’s view, when you entered the operatory. Hand washing technique is important too.


          2. I was giving you a little shot. I KNOW how important hygiene has always been. I was trying to recall if my dentist was a “wet finger” guy. It’s been 40 years since my last visit with him and the memory bank is a little dusty back there.


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