Well, We Can Stop Arguing

about lines on a graph, or normalizing the data….

“Pence says US coronavirus outbreak ‘most comparable’ to Italy”

23 thoughts on “Well, We Can Stop Arguing

  1. Pence was full Lyin mode yesterday during the dog and pony show that was “supposed” to be a Pandemic response briefing.

    Apparently the plan going forward is for the Liar in Chief to lie and then serious “looking” people to repeat his lies and then praising him for his lying…

    Rinse and repeat…

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  2. https://nypost.com/2020/04/01/pence-us-coronavirus-outbreak-most-comparable-to-italy/

    A link for those who would like it.

    I am not sure that comparing us to Italy with regards to public health and economic strength for response capabilities is all that praiseworthy.

    Corruption in Italy is still a problem.


    And there was the issue of Silvio Berlusconi. Fraud, sex scandals, shady business deals, yada, yada.

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    1. RE: “I am not sure that comparing us to Italy with regards to public health and economic strength for response capabilities is all that praiseworthy.”

      A lot depends on the specific assumptions the comparison is based on. Sociological factors like demographics, cultural behaviors and public hygeine conditions might make for a very strong comparison. Politics not so much: the virus doesn’t belong to a political party.


      1. “The virus doesn’t belong to a political party.”

        But lies about how dangerous it is do. Six weeks of lies and obfuscation by the leader of the Republican Party will mean death for many thousands of people who would have survived if the advice of science had been followed. The galloping head start that Trump’s dishonest, indifferent and inept leadership gave the virus means that non-flat curve of infection is climbing higher and faster than ANY other major country.

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        1. RE: “But lies about how dangerous it is do.”

          I have noticed that. You actually demonstrate such a politicl lie with your claim that Trump’s response to coronavirus “will mean for many thousands of people.”

          There is no scientific basis to say such a thing. As a matter of science, we just don’t know enough to blather on in such a way.

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          1. @Roberts

            There is plenty of evidence – scientific evidence – that allowing ANY highly contagious virus to spread and take root without meaningful efforts to stop it will do exactly what I said – spread faster and to more people. Exponential math is a bitch.

            If you have ANY real doubt then just look at the comparisons of the United States with the results at countries who took it very seriously MUCH earlier. Here is just one as of today . . .

            USA – 217,263 cases : 5,151 Deaths
            South Korea – 9,976 cases : 169 Deaths

            Their first cases and first deaths were at about the same time as ours. They responded vigorously. We dilly-dallied.


      2. “… the virus doesn’t belong to a political party.l

        True enough. But politics reflects corruption as it exists. And it reflects trust in government.

        Also, viruses don’t belong to a state or even a country. DeSantis is one of the last states to lockdown. It allowed Spring Break to party on.

        Maybe that was not such a good idea. At this point keeping some Americans out of that state is the classic closing the barn doors after the horses are long gone.

        But, Florida did get 100% of their PPE and ventilators requested. Before they needed them.

        Bless their red state voters’ hearts. Got to keep them alive until November.

        I know, cynical me.

        But it does smell like the annual “red” tide…pun intended.


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        1. RE: “I know, cynical me.”

          I don’t mind cynicism, but I object to irrational blame-making. You started out by questioning the validity of comparisons to Italy, ignoring the fact that the comparison can be made legitimately along any number of dimensions. Now you are attempting to blame republicans, somehow, but again by ignoring relevant facts.

          If you intend to express your “cynicism” in this way, you need to do more than make unsubstantiated accusations. Otherwise, you, yourself, are actively corroding “trust in government.”


          1. I believe his cynicism was directed at Florida, not the Italy comparison.

            And Fact – DeSantis is a Republican governor.

            Fact – He has not criticized President Trump, ever.

            Fact – Florida has received all, and then some, of the materials they have requested.

            Fact – Those governors who have been critical at some point have had to beg, bid up, or otherwise cajole their way to get SOME of what they need to treat their citizens. And have been told that it is their fault they are behind the curve.

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          2. See, in my view you have it totally backwards. Trust in government is not mine to give or take, accept or corrode.

            It is up to the government to earn MY trust.

            Telling me that everything is under control and not a problem up until March 16 and 2 weeks later we are the epicenter of the world is not conducive to trust.

            Nor is telling me that it knew all along it was a serious pandemic.

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          3. RE: “It is up to the government to earn MY trust.”

            That’s what children say to their parents.


          4. @Murphy

            Look! There’s s windmill!

            But I fear you are pricking on the plain in the wrong direction.


          5. “ That’s what children say to their parents.”

            It sounds like you are saying the government is our parent and we are the children.

            A government of, by and for the people is our servant.

            You are looking for an autocracy. I fervently hope you are in the wrong country with such an outlook.

            “ Trump said that he knew from the beginning how bad it was as evidenced by the initial numbers coming out of China, and besides issuing a travel ban for China and subsequently Europe, he wanted “to give people the feeling that we all have a chance.”


            Doctors stopped doing that decades ago. People just want the truth and then a clear direction for the nation to go in a crisis.

            What he said above is that he knew how bad it was, then lied about it to give us hope.

            Even if that reason was true, which it wasn’t in my opinion, that is not the kind of paternal crap I pay my government to say.

            (The real reason, in my opinion, is that he was sweating the DOW which he has claimed credit for as a benchmark for his re-election.)


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