16 thoughts on “Gov. Northam’s Stay-at-home Order

  1. According to “1.e” it looks like my tee-time later this week is still good. THE MR. and I can ride together and the other 2 in our foursome walk; so ‘social distancing’ will be observed for sure.

    I wish now that I’d hung on to my walking cart that I gave the heave-ho to last year during our move.

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      1. Thanks for the offer, but I fear that keeping up the pace-of-play might be hard there days. I would much rather walk though, and did for many years. I don’t like a lot of chit-chat when playing, and walking cuts way down on that as you know.

        Sorry to hear about your elbow. Hope it’s nothing serious. I would imagine a painful elbow would be miserable to golf with. Just the idea of the contact between the
        club-head and ball makes me frown.

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        1. The offer stands if you change your mind.

          My problem is the bad habit of club-head meeting GROUND before ball. I’ve done that enough times in my playing “career” to know it hurts even when there is no injury.

          On a side note, the head pro at a local private club stopped by the house yesterday and told me they had over 100 golfers each day Friday through Sunday. Each player has to ride in his/her own cart and the cat boys are not passing out water and towels. A first world problem to be sure. (LOL)

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    1. The question you should be asking is not whether your game is allowed, but whether by playing you are placing some vulnerable person at risk.

      It is not enough to do the right thing to avoid getting a ticket, at times like these we should do the right thing because it’s the right thing.


      1. Spoken like a non-golfer. Social distancing is an important part of the game when played at the recreational level. There largest group is a FOURsome. If someone believes they are vulnerable, they wouldn’t be out there anyway.

        Also, fishing from a pier with 45 of your closest friends would not likely allow for proper distancing.

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        1. When I fish, I am more than 100 feet from the nearest person all day long.

          Are you disinfecting the flag before you putt? Ball washer? Cart? Stopping at 19th hole?

          Does anyone in your foursome have contact with a vulnerable person? Or contact with someone who has contact?


          1. Again, distancing is a NATURAL occurrence. Gloves are worn and I tend to carry a wet towel for ball washing.

            The 19th hole is closed except for takeout. Carts are cleaned regularly anyway. A prudent manager will insure they are properly wiping down the carts between use.

            Personal responsibility plays a large part of knowing who is vulnerable. As an example, if I were not currently injured and was going to play 9- or 18-holes, I would determine possible infection that could be brought home to my 92 year old mother-in-law to decide if I would play.

            And what happens when you get to the public pier and you find people are only spaced about 4 feet because it is one of the activities NOT affected by the order? Would you find a spot and cast you line, or turn around and head home? But if I recall, you do most of your fishing from a boat where YOU are in control of who is on it.

            Don, I’m not trying to turn this into a golf vs fish exercise. Each one of us has our own personal choice of recreation. One is not better than the other in this instance. But they are two activities currently ok. For now.


          2. The point is that if I go fish, I will be far from anyone else and touching only my own stuff because I fish from a boat. If my only choice were to fish on that pier, I would stay home, regardless of whether it was allowed by the governor’s order.


          3. Actually the “new rules” are being applied at most courses. The pin stays in the hole and no one touches it. In some cases the cup is place upside down so the ball bounces of the edge and still counts as holed out. 19th holes are gone. Towels are your own, if you don’t walk, carts are for a single person. Water coolers are gone and I believe the ball washers are empty. They even recommend that you don’t pickup found balls in the woods. Leave them where they are. don’t pickup your partners clubs. No handshakes after the round.

            Range balls are washed before you hit them. Social distancing is easy and a lot more than 6 feet.

            So like fishing, it is more of a solitary sport in the open air. And they are able to at least keep some folks employed in maintaining the course.

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  2. This brings me to a conundrum from yesterday and possibly again today. (We’ll see)

    A local work out facility (kind of a gym) across the street from where I work had several people in and out during the day. The door was locked and folks had to be let in and out. It did not appear that there were more than 10 people there at any one time (based on parking lot count). My understanding is that places such as this were to be closed. Period. My yoga studio has shut down and is only offering on-line video classes to follow the original order from last week. And they were limiting class size to 5 people prior to that.

    So my conundrum. Do I report what I have witnessed? And who do I contact to do that? Any advice is welcome.


    1. If it were me, and I was sufficiently concerned, I would call the business and ask what’s going on. I would also assume that the public health apparatus will handle it without me, long before assuming that I have a duty to snitch on anyone.

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      1. Kind of what I was getting at. When does my responsibility to society start and end? And why would the “public health apparatus” even drive down Cleveland St in Virginia Beach without awareness of what kind of facilities are in the middle of a rather industrial supply area?

        And maybe yesterday’s order had an effect on the establishment. As of right now (1110 am) there are ZERO cars there.


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