A lifelong bureaucrat sees the light

Fauci, Private Sector is the answer

At least he gives credit where credit is due.

12 thoughts on “A lifelong bureaucrat sees the light

    1. To a large extent true, after “Brownie boy” Bush mucked up Katrina, Obama did restore significant funding/capability to Emergency preparedness.

      The last 3 years have seen rollbacks that are definitely making it more difficult to respond effectively.

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      1. No matter how many times you write it, Bush did not muck up Katrina, that was entirely a screw up by Governor Blanco and Mayor Kagan and the people of New Orleans who had become so dependent on government that they were incapable of taking even the most basic steps at self preservation.

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        1. That is one opinion. A wrongheaded one, but it is what it is.

          How long did Bush sit on the sidelines while people were suffering in New Orleans and other areas of the Gulf Coast? UNITED States of America, but only when it is right in my mind alone.

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          1. Until Blanco signed the paperwork allowing the Federal government to use the National Guard there. They even provided her with the paperwork required but she would not sign it as she was unwilling to give up control. Bush was limited by the law.


        2. Interesting defense of Bush. While there is no question his administration was hampered by slow and inept responses from state and local authorities, waiting till the 29th day of his vacation to get involved was a huge factor in the slow Federal response and its effectiveness.

          Also the last time I checked the “F” in FEMA stands for “Federal” and the buck for their total “muck up” stopped on HIS desk…

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          1. Again, see the reply to Adam.

            Bush could not use the national guard until Blanco signed the paperwork, when she did the guard was activated immediately.

            The local responses were not only inept, they were petty and partisan. Blanco even blocked shipments of aid from WalMart unless she could get credit for them.

            The list of local failures is endless. and I heard about many more that never made the national news. My wife was there, caring for her terminally ill mother at the time.

            Yes the F stands for Federal, but the Federal government cannot act in defiance of the State governor.

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          2. I’ll concede your point and perspective.

            To Bush’s credit he didn’t use every opportunity available denying responsibility and blaming others; maybe there is a lesson in there somewhere, for someone…

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        3. @Tabor

          Assuming that the deployment of the National Guard was delayed as you describe, that is only one part of the kind of response the Federal government is meant to provide. You can deny that it was not dilatory and that the President did not make it a matter of urgency but the evidence does not support your denials.

          With that said, to whatever degree Bush screwed up the government response to Hurricane Katrina it will be dwarfed in the history books by Trump’s failures in the face of this pandemic.

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  1. Why is the private sector the answer? Because the government does not manufacture goods. But the government PURCHASES goods and the private sector COULD take advantage of the situation. Unless the government prevents them from doing so through things like price controls of needed materials.

    You see, Don, it is NOT a one-sided deal in a catastrophe. It takes a combined effort of the manufacturers AND the government to see us through this. Some leadership from the top that isn’t concerned about TV ratings would be helpful. And not forcing states into bidding wars to purchase form the private sector.

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  2. @Tabor

    Your headline is a doctrinaire joke. You describe Dr. Fauci as a “lifelong bureaucrat?” And now you say he sees the light?

    Uh, no. He is a scientist employed by the government to do and manage vital research the private sector cannot make money doing. He is not “seeing the light.” He is stating the obvious truth of the relationship between the government and the private sector. Government is not a manufacturer. It does not have factories that can produce on the scale that is needed. It never has. Gosh, that would be socialism!

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