This is when you know you’ve made it!

Nothing more need be said.

5 thoughts on “This is when you know you’ve made it!

  1. Good job, Peter’s Clam Bar !

    I am so there! Put clams and white sauce with any kind of pasta and I’ll come running.

    What a good way to herald Dr. Saudi’s calm, measured demeanor and expertise in his field. Those professionals standing on the podium every day and answering questions honestly day after day has been a godsend to
    Americans during this crisis.

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  2. I swear; I typed FAUCI’S not Saudi’s.

    I gotta watch this darn cell phone every time I write something. Piece of ca-ca phone!

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  3. Great post.

    Having grown up in Brooklyn, I try to tell people that New Yorkers are as warm and friendly as anyone. They just speak a little fast and tend to be more upfront with their communication skills. That is, little sugar coating.


    There is a classic story about a Southern gal who visited NYC. When she got back home, she said that New Yorkers had a curious phrase if something was very expensive.

    “It cost a nominal egg”.

    True enough, but the spelling was wrong.

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