MR: A Solution if We Act

I’m not sure we need, or even want, a Manhattan Project for coronavirus. Explicitly:

  • We may well learn enough about the virus to mount an effective public health strategy without it; and
  • There are substantive liberty risks in each of the three phases of the approach: test, trace and isolate.

Still, the full-speed-ahead, let-not-a-single-child-suffer crowd, may find some comfort in knowing that a comprehensive technocratic solution is feasible.

3 thoughts on “MR: A Solution if We Act

  1. I believe Dr. Fauci said last week that this virus COULD become seasonal, similar to the flu we are advised to get shots for late each year. If that is the case, there should be a working vaccine going forward and the recommendations would be the same. – IMOSHO


  2. I seem to recall an article early on about the efforts to create a flexible vaccine that would provide some protection against many Coronaviruses.

    Plus I also seem to remember some evidence among the researchers that this COVID-19 doesn’t mutate as quickly.

    There is no question that an effective vaccine is the best solution. Social distancing, ventilators, masks and gloves, ICU’S are just an effort to flatten the curve. As a new normal it would be very difficult to maintain.

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