14 thoughts on “How low can he go?

    1. Cuomo is responding appropriately to The NYC catastrophe as best he can.

      It is a shame that the President of the United States is an impediment to his and other Governor’s efforts.

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  1. So Trump lied big time for political purposes…again.

    He just read some right wing drivel and took it as gospel to disparage the governor of the hardest hit state in the union.

    His red hats love it I am sure.

    At a time when we are all supposed to pull together, our own president finds ways to divide us.

    Circle 8 or 9 are vying for this man, in my opinion of course.

    I suppose some will accuse me of bashing a president. Fine, I am just following the example set by that “man”.

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  2. As I see it, Cuomo basically wants the Federal reserve ventilators for the entire country sent to NY and complains that he doesn’t get them and that the Feds should have had more.

    So, Trump points out he had the chance to stock up and chose not to.

    Cheap shots on both sides.

    But they’re both under a lot of pressure so I’d cut them both some slack.

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    1. @Tabor

      So what is the point of a single ventilator sitting in the federal stockpile if people are dying NOW in New York for the lack of it?

      Waiting for someone in a Trump-favoring state to need it?

      BTW, here is something that FINALLY Trump is doing right . . .


      Should have done this two months ago. But better late than never.

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      1. Why should people die in Texarkana because Blasio told people they could keep using the subways in NYC?

        Those reserves are for the whole nation, not just the places that got in trouble the fastest.

        And two months ago is a long time, please do tell me the basis for that decision on what was known then?


        1. “I think the 3.4 percent [number] is really a false number. Now, this is just my hunch, but based on and lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this, because a lot of people will have this and it is very mild. They will get better very rapidly, they don’t even see a doctor or call doctor, you never hear about those people so you can’t put them down in the category, in overall population in terms of this corona flu, or virus. So you just can’t do that.” D.Trump, March 5.

          de Blasio took a ride on the subway because it was “safe”. 1 case in NY.

          I would tell the people in Texarkana to look elsewhere for blame, in my view at least.

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          1. Trump’s statement you quoted is essentially true. We don’t know how many people had sub-clinical cases and have not been counted, but are now immune.

            And it’s not about blame. The point is that people in Texarkana have a right to a proportional share of national reserves, and NY doesn’t get to grab up the whole mess just because they got there first.


        2. @Tabor

          An imminent death now (a certainty) outweighs a theoretical death (a possibility) in the future. That is with anyone with any moral compass to guide them.

          Your comment about DiBlasio is laughable since you absolutely will not condemn Trump for all his lies and terrible advice.

          By the end of January the threat was known well enough that GOP Senators who were briefed on it sold out their stock holdings. The nationwide shortage of ventilators was known then. Action to address this problem should have started them. But oh no. That might spook the stock market.

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          1. Anyone with amoral compass should reject a wealthy city and state like NYC and NY taking out its failure to prepare on a much poorer state like Arkansas.

            NY, and NYC, have always been a greater risk due to denser population, reliance on public transit, and greater international connections to a pandemic. They had a greater duty to be prepared due to that known increased risk, and now, pushing aside lower risk states is not ethical.


          2. @Tabor

            Complete nonsense. Intellectually and morally.

            We do not impose the death penalty on people based on which state they live in. Not a single state has stockpiled these expensive machines. Not one. ALL have relied on the federal stockpile.

            Your proposed sitting on the stockpile of ventilators against possible future needs would be analogous to a soldier bleeding to death being denied bandages because they might be needed for a future possible casualty. That is just no how it works.

            At this moment New York has 45,000 cases. Arkansas has 381. The need NOW is in New York.

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        3. The crisis is an American crisis. We send help where the suffering and dying is.

          NY is almost the center of the world regarding this crisis. Unfortunately it has become rural snobbery to denigrate the urban dwellers and so the thinking continues that Texarkana might want to put respirators in a warehouse in case they get cases while New Yorkers die.

          Texans are Americans. New Yorkers are Americans. Let’s send the respirators where they need them now.

          The situation will probably abate in NY by the time Texarkana needs them. They can be flown in 6 hours from NY.

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  3. Some good news on the ventilator issue.

    It is possible to support 2 or 4 carefully matched patients with a single ventilator. It’s not ideal. but it will ease the shortage.

    Also, James Dyson, the vacuum cleaner guy is ramping up to produce ventilators in Britain in amazingly fast time. Designed from scratch in 10 days and with 10,000 on order from the government.


    Of course, they don’t have our FDA to contend with.


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