Hell hath frozen over


Trump and Kerry agreeing on something? Say it ain’t so, Don.

I have met some folks from Massachusetts, and a lot of them take pride in the tag Masshole!

Not many folks were happy with Massie’s tactics. Another taste of bipartisanship in Congress. If they aren’t careful, it could become a habit.

7 thoughts on “Hell hath frozen over

  1. I wish they would stop referring to Massie as being ‘libertarian minded’

    Part of being a Libertarian is doing the right thing without being forced. Placing people at peril for a useless gesture is not the right ting.


    1. https://web.archive.org/web/20150214235304/http://blogs.rollcall.com/the-container/libertarian-gop-member-sees-drone-privacy-risk/

      Wiki page “Massie has been described as a libertarian Republican[3] and is associated with the House Liberty Caucus of Tea Party Republicans.” (the [3[ is quoted above.

      Seems as this is not a new way to refer to Mr. Massie.

      And boy, oh, boy is wikipedia fast. This is from the last line of Massie’s page:

      “In March 2020, Massie attempted to require a roll-call vote for the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, a measure defeated by the rest of the House, who adopted the act by voice vote.[84] Massie’s action was criticized by President Trump, who called for Massie’s removal from the Republican Party;[85] John Kerry, whose tweet was amplified by the President;[86] and fellow Representative Peter T. King, among others.[87]”

      Does this make him a LINO?


      1. I don’t know enough about his other actions to say.

        Having been in leadership positions in the LP, I can pretty much assure you that’s where the ‘herding cats’ expression comes from.


        1. I don’t agree with all Democrats all the time either. Sometimes they make me cringe. And your “herding cats” reference is true, I think, to most party leaders. Look at Boehner dealing with the Freedom and Tea Party caucuses, (it cost his his position, those darned cats) Pelosi with “The Squad” and McConnell with some members of his own caucus in the Senate.

          But because a Libertarian RARELY wins an election, the next best thing, apparently, is to go GOP. – IMO (Rand Paul comes to mind currently)


    2. In Massie’s mind, he probably thought he was doing the principled thing.

      “If you are going to stand on principle, make sure the principle will hold your weight.” L. Rothman, 2020


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