2 Trillion record bill, an interesting analysis of conservatism v. Trumpism


“Someday, once the pandemic has waned and the economy has recovered, the GOP’s fiscal conservatives will find a federal deficit ballooned far beyond their fears, and will begin campaigning to shrink it — or blame Democrats for it.“

““We have to work with the airlines. We have to work with the cruise lines,” he said Monday.
But those probably aren’t the right priorities. Airline companies have plenty of access to private capital markets, and several have shown that it’s possible to survive bankruptcy.
Most major cruise lines are foreign owned and employ relatively few U.S. citizens. The largest, Carnival, is incorporated in Panama — although its chairman, Micky Arison, is one of Trump’s friends and advisors.”

Which is why the Democrats insistence that the $500 Billion business fund had real time oversight. After all, 500 billion here and 500 billion there, pretty soon we are talking about real money. (Apologies to Senator Dirksen)

26 thoughts on “2 Trillion record bill, an interesting analysis of conservatism v. Trumpism

  1. …”or blame Democrats for it.“”

    That is already built in by folks in the Conservative media and here that insisted the Democrats were holding the country hostage. But the deal appears to protect the people over the companies. Something that is anathema to ANYTHING the GOP has ever stood for. – IMHO


    1. There is a LOT packed into the package and I’m glad they took a few more hours to hash it out as the devil will be in the details.

      My biggest concern is trump’s focus on short-term economic benefit at the expense of public safety.

      His cure vs cost thinking(?) is pure lunacy.

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      1. Strong corporations can survive shut downs. Weak ones might be taken over. Creative destruction is a favorite of conservatives in tough times. And there is evidence that much of our economy is on a shaky foundation with overvalued stocks and massive public and private debt.

        The ballooned DOW, the live by, die by metric of the regime, coupled with modest, “barely keeping up with inflation” wage increases seems evidence of a weak foundation. Ironically, the Democrat push for minimum wage increases seem to be an effect that might not be realized by full employment alone.

        Naturally this is my opinion which I am certain is not worth a pile of dog poop.

        IM very humble O.

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  2. I agree there should be oversight of the money set aside for larger business, but it should be after the fact, not a delay. A rescue too late costs more and doesn’t always work. But its use should be reviewed in a non-partisan manner afterward.

    Prior to 9/11/01 the highest deficits we had were related to WW2, because in wartime, you have to survive and worry about the costs later. The same applies to this crisis. True conservatives can still support deficits in times of true emergencies, but when the war is over, you’re supposed to pay it back.

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    1. The oversight that passed is not onerous. If some company wants a few billion, they need at least to show cause, not just “because”.

      True conservatives are gone in this administration. Obama had started to pare down the deficit, as he promised, but no sooner than the present regime took over it was all gone plus trillions more.

      Sometimes I get the feeling that Trump thinks bankrupting casinos is the same as bankrupting America. The big difference is that he had his dad or Saudis or others to bail him out.

      So no reason to pay back the treasury during his tenure of the longest bull market and employment gains in history.

      Problem is we don’t have a dad.

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        1. The casino bailouts screwed a lot of workers. Vendors did not get paid, some went under and employees dumped.

          Trump made millions on his bankruptcies.

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          1. Can’t we just discuss an issue now and then without making it a personal attack on Trump?

            No one learns anything from that.

            “Strong minds discuss ideas average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” Socrates

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          2. I admit I slipped into a bit of history on Trump’s business techniques.

            Yet recall that the original posting was about a shift in conservative policy since 2017. Particularly regarding debt and deficit spending.

            Hard to stay clear of Trump since he is the voice of current GOP thinking, such as it is.

            Calling the LA Times story a hit piece was really uncalled for. It was just bringing to light some contrasts in policy due to the current president’s hold on the GOP.

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          3. @Tabor

            It’s not a “personal” attack, it is a simple statement of fact that highlights the “idea” of ineffective bailouts.

            It is also a reflection of the “idea” held by some that trump will do ANYTHING that actually helps the “workers” vice the fat cats who he curries favor from.

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    2. RE: “True conservatives can still support deficits in times of true emergencies, but when the war is over, you’re supposed to pay it back.”

      Well put. The observation, however, makes it clear that the LA Times article is an ideological hit piece. Not particularly useful and slightly disgusting.

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      1. It seems to me that any article that is NOT complimentary of Trump is automatically an “ideological hit piece. If based in historical fact, it is a factually based analysis and not a hit piece.

        But those of us who think for ourselves already know that.

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      2. Egads! Anything that doesn’t say Trump is the Second Coming is a hit piece to some.

        “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

        I stand with the patriots.

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        1. RE: “Anything that doesn’t say Trump is the Second Coming is a hit piece to some.”

          Only in your imagination: The absurd absolute is yours, as is using the article to slam the president and conservatives for no good reason.


          1. Ahem. Your dismissal of MSM as propaganda, fake news, slanted, biased and just plain un-American is, in my opinion, quite the example of “no good reason”.

            In my opinion of course.

            BTW, Roosevelt’s admonition was as a writer in a newspaper criticizing a real wartime president during the tail end of the war.

            That is the wonderful part about our Constitution. Only during a couple of times in history, under Adams’ ill fated Alien and Sedition Acts and some habeas corpus violations by Lincoln, also probably a mistake, was there an attempt to shield the president from criticism, just or not.

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        2. Laughable at best, nausea or virus causing at worst. When have you or your cadre of liberal co-conpiratots ever said anything positive about Trump. Empty liberal babble as usual. Liberals, patriots my ass.


          1. Your idiocy is once again noted.

            When there is something positive to say about Trump, it will be said. Until then, the criticism is valid. – IMO


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