Red State Dead State

Eyes on Florida, the percentage of Floridians with fevers is rising…..

Kinsa’s fever map could show just how crucial it is to stay home to stop COVID-19 spread

22 thoughts on “Red State Dead State

  1. But I think they are blaming New Yorkers for running south to get away from what is happening @ home. But it was bound to happen.

    In Don’s defense, he has said that it would. I never challenged him on that. I do give him props for saying it early.


    1. Wuhan’s shut down was unlike anything we could do short of martial law. And even then, Americans just take pride in defying government even if it is right in its actions. There are more than a few self-styled militia groups that would delight in an excuse to prove themselves right about the 2nd Amendment.

      So that creates a problem for the big urban concentrations. In other words, get out of the city and head West, young man, head West. Goodbye Big Apple hello Grand Ole Opry.

      And if they attend Easter service at a mega church for some solace in troubled times, with lots of hugs and handshakes…well, let’s just say that might not be the best action.

      Of course, what do I know? I’m not an epidemiologist or even play one on TV.

      But then neither is…never mind.


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      1. “Alas Pat we knew him well”…

        I doubt HE would lead the service himself. He has plenty of minions to do it for him so HE can stay away from the crowds. Especially at his age.


  2. Did anyone else catch Texas lt gub’na Dan Patrick say that those 70 and over should sacrifice for the economy and their grandchildren? He’s 69. Guess that means he gets a ventilator.

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  3. Florida has a couple of problems. One is that a lot of people from large cities are fleeing there and the other is that there are A LOT of retirees there. I went to a continuing education seminar in Tampa once and remember the entire hotel ball room set up for a weekly Mah Jong tournament. Nothing but blue hair as far as the eye could see.

    As a general problem, city dwellers fleeing to small towns carry the virus, but those small towns simply don’t have the medical infrastructure to care for them as they become symptomatic. It is not at all unreasonable for these towns to demand a self quarantine period for outsiders who flee there.

    As far as when it is time to relax school and work closing, that is best decided n the State and local level, Those areas, like NY, that have the highest number of cases will also be the first to develop herd immunity. It may be that a month from now will be the time to flee to NY.

    Direct virus testing is really not going to be as useful as serological testing(testing for antibodies) so we know who has already had it and can go about safely neither susceptible nor carrying the disease. These people may be the first to go back to work and also be a source of life saving plasma for those still to fall ill.

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    1. Direct testing IS useful in tracking the spread. I wouldn’t minimize its importance. Good for targeting date to get back to work, etc.

      The serological testing has started, I believe. And I agree it will be beneficial not only in identifying who is “safe”, but who can contribute to potential vaccine prevention.

      Please correct me if I am wrong on that. You’re the medical guy.


      1. Plasma therapy is not new. It is not a vaccine, but it is a treatment.

        When you get a viral infection, your body must recognize it and then learn to make antibodies against it, and then mass produce those antibodies. That takes time, and until it happens, the virus has its way with you.

        But if you harvest antibodies from someone else who has already recovered, those antibodies can function in your body just as if they were your own.

        That provides a defense while your body is going through the ramp up to make your own.

        This was used in a limited manner during the Spanish Flu epidemic, though the technology is better now.

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          1. No, it’s not a vaccine, it’s a treatment, as the antibodies from someone else get used up. The idea is to buy time for you to make your own.

            The oldest vaccine(around 1800 IIRC) was for smallpox, when it was discovered that milkmaids who had gotten cowpox did not get smallpox, so people were vaccinated by scratching cowpox scabs into their skin. Thomas Jefferson made it popular in the US by publicly getting vaccinated.

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          2. Per your “milkmaid” response I had a funny thing happen (not on the way to the Forum, however.).

            I took over a photo business in the 70’s. The previous owner did have some ancient porn photos from overseas. French playing cards, etc. He was a WW2 army vet.

            Going through the rest of the files, I saw a folder for “Belgian Milkmaids”.

            Thinking the unthinkable, I pulled the folder, opened the little photo folder and lo and behold, they were, in fact, Belgian Milkmaids sitting on little carts drawn by goats. Fully clothed in traditional attire. (The girls not the goats.)

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          3. Broadway references are breaking my heart. Was slated to go to NY to see my step-mom in Diana , The Musical first weekend in May. Delayed indefinitely until we get this shit figured out.


          4. Like the old Jew that I am, Easter services aren’t the same as Broadway shows. Unless it is “Jesus Christ, Superstar” or “Godspell” (which was my only A in college back in the day)


          5. “Fully clothed in traditional attire. (The girls not the goats.)”

            Begs the question: What were the goats wearing? Miniskirts and white go-go boots?


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