Trump takes no responsibility

When things go bad. However, when things go well it is his stable genius that made it happen. The Obama bull market on Wall Street is a prime example of this phenomena. While it continued going up, all Trump’s doings.

Now that ALL the gains have disappeared into the miasma, he had nothing to do with it. I mean, who knew that a pandemic would threaten everything? Nobody, except maybe those Obama-appointed smart asses that Trump got rid of.

For the record the DJIA on January 19, 2017 stood at 19,804.72. At this moment it is at 19,495. Not totally his doing, of course, but his unsteady leadership and government-crippling policies have NOT inspired confidence.

Why is it that every Republican administration seems to end in disaster?

66 thoughts on “Trump takes no responsibility

  1. What people will remember form this is their disgust at how Democrats gleefully used the deaths of their parents and grandparents for political cheap shots.

    Remember that compared to pretty much every place else, America is riding this out pretty well.

    But your rhetoric has transcended form the merely hateful to the thoroughly disgusting.

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    1. @Tabor

      What rhetoric? I have provided nothing but the truth. Now, the rhetoric that just pored out of your pie hole about Democrats being gleeful about the deaths of their parents – now THAT’s disgusting but not unprecedented from people of your ilk.

      Your decrying the rhetoric of ANYBODY is laughable given the way your Dear Leader has comported himself throughout. And does to this day in spite of his effort to be a “wartime President.”

      As for how we are doing compared to others, all we know for sure is that the Trump administration screwed the pooch on testing through an ugly combination of incompetence, ignorance, indifference and Presidential meddling to protect the stock market.

      Every member of my family is taking this “social distancing” very seriously. If people ignore Trump’s rosy promises and do the same we may get by with less damage than other countries. We will see. But not for many weeks or months yet.

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    2. It’s okay Doc. Don’t try so hard. You just chose a leader who never progressed beyond the concrete to abstract understanding. Walls he knows. Viruses, not so much.

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    3. Yeah, I know I would save my disgust for those who ridiculed the man who let it happen. Oh wait, no I wouldn’t because I’ve more sense than a Libertarian.

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      1. Please do tell us how Trump “let it happen”

        What specific steps could he have taken, with the information available at the time, that would have stopped COVID19 at our borders while it ravaged the rest of the world?

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        1. That is not the point Don. We all want an administration to be straight with us. Up until last week it wasn’t. At all.

          And even now the same crap flows. Blame everyone, promise vaccines “soon”. FDA approved a cure. That is a dangerous lie. Obama rules that never existed. Open border blamed on Democrats causing this.

          Trump is not to blame for the virus itself. But his delayed response and dismissive attitude was inexcusable. And now he tells us he knew it was a pandemic all along.

          Jesus Christ, why the 2 month delay on at least preparation. Some kind of practical April Fools joke? That’s criminal.

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          1. That is very much the point.

            If one makes the accusation that Trump ‘let it happen’ then they have the obligation to point out the specific failure.

            Not hearing what you think you should have heard does not in any way let anything happen. There was no delayed response. There was a delay in effective testing, but that was a result of preexisting policy that did not reveal its danger until stressed.

            The travel restrictions were timely and bought us time.

            BTW, the FDA approved an unproven treatment for voluntary use that has anecdotal support for being useful. Should they have let people die until there was time for a double blind study? At worst, the chloroquine might prove useless, but it has no known health risks and might save a lot of lives while the studies are being done.

            Trump may have gone too far in trying to allay fears, but the actions he took were on the advice of experts and were correct.

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          2. Your own link points out that Trump took the appropriate and timely actions regarding travel, and only cites the testing delay as a problem. The testing delay was a result of policy that existed prior to his election, and not something that would have been a high priority to fix other than in hindsight,.

            Again, you cannot point to a single misstep based on the information available at the time decisions were made.

            This is bad thing, and bad things happen. When they do, strong people do what is necessary to cope, but Democrats, it appears, seek only to use misery and death to advance their political agenda without contributing anything positive.

            You have been wishing for hardship since Trump took office, and now you’ll dance on the graves of your fellow citizens in celebration if this tragedy helps your cause.


          3. …”now you’ll dance on the graves of your fellow citizens in celebration if this tragedy helps your cause.:

            How dare you? Your high and mighty rhetoric about how wonderful Trump has been for this country is constantly disproven. Yet you continue to defend his indefensible words and actions.

            My “cause” is for this country to better than it has been. For you to accuse me of wishing death on others in advancement of that is divisive, ugly and completely uncalled for. And very much outside of the civility you demand from others.

            He has ignored intelligence briefings since BEFORE he was inaugurated because he “knows more than”….everyone! He has been known to toss briefing books aside because he’s is so damned smart. Dangerous thinking for the leader of the free world. Which under his leadership is becoming less free. And not because of necessary action required during this crisis, but because of his authoritarian desires. His labeling the free press as the enemy of the people. Attacking reporters for asking tough questions that WE, THE PEOPLE, deserve answers to.

            …”you cannot point to a single misstep based on the information available at the time decisions were made.”

            The information WAS available and he ignored it. He has ignored intelligence from his own intelligence people. REPEATEDLY. His own task force crisis team has to constantly correct what he says. But he keeps, for lack of a better word, LYING, to all of us. And you eat it up and defend him without regard for how dangerous his words and actions are.

            Yet you defend him and accuse me of wanting hardship since he took office. In civility I will not say to you what is flowing in my mind as a proper response to your ugly, untrue accusations.

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          4. How about following paying attention to the reports and not blowing them off because the outcome would make him look bad. Kind of like not wanting the cruise ship to dock because the numbers in the US would double. Defending doing nothing by asking what he did wrong is akin to ignoring the weather forecast because you normally don’t get flooded or have tornadoes pass through your area.

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          5. Can you document that Trump held the cruise ship offshore and for that reason?

            As I understood it, it was the ports that did not want to accept the ship until quarantine measures were in place.


          6. Trump said it himself. But apparently to you, his words don’t mean anything. If you didn’t hear it said, then you aren’t paying as close attention to him as you let on.

            Kind of like when he said “That’s too bad.” about Mitt Romney being in quarantine in such a sarcastic manner,even you could hear it in his tone.

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          7. @Adam

            Maybe Trump did let it happen . . .

            This is where people pay with their lives for Trump’s laziness, ignorance, and lack of curiosity. He never seems to have understood that being President is a full-time job. Instead he splits his time between golf outings, Fox News watching and Tweeting insults. No time to read those daily briefing papers from those “deep state” villains out to get him. No time for serious meetings on tough subjects. Instead of using National Security staff or listening to them, he lets them be eliminated. Maybe he was right to do so – who needs people preparing studies that he will not bother to read.

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        2. @Tabor

          I have never said Trump could have stopped it. One of your patented straw men. What I have said is that his lies, ignorance, indifference and incompetence have made the situation significantly worse. You can deny it until you turn blue, but it is obvious that until very recently Trump was more interested in shifting the blame, heading off criticism and protecting the investor class than in addressing the problem. One of the manifestations of his twisted priorities was made clear by his comments on those cruise ship passengers.

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        3. Yes, the FDA approved testing on volunteers. But that is not what Trump said.

          “ And we’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately, and that’s where the FDA has been so great. They — they’ve gone through the approval process. It’s been approved.”

          The drug has always been available immediately for both malaria and off-label use.

          Anyone who listened to Trump would certainly take him at his word that the FDA approved a drug for immediate use as a COVID 19 treatment.

          And that is not true. And that is dangerous if millions of people decide to run risks because a Trump said the treatment is FDA approved.

          You can believe what you want about “allaying” fears, but not about treatments that are not even tested, never mind “FDA approved”.

          And that is what I mean.

          “We are in the fast track testing stage for a treatment with an existing drug. We are hopeful that this will provide a cure in the near future.”

          Is that so hard to say and grasp?

          People can actually handle the truth and not be treated like children.

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          1. Did you actually watch the press conference?

            Fauci immediately explained what was meant by ‘compassionate use.’ It is essentially voluntary use in the event it might be helpful. No one who listened to the press conference was in any way misled.

            I don’t think any said it was a cure, they said it was a treatment that by anecdotal evidence is helpful.

            Would you prefer that thousands die who might have been saved while the FDA goes through controlled double blind studies for 6 months?

            But again what do you allege Trump did to ‘let it happen?’

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          2. I am coming to the conclusion that I need a translator to understand what our nation’s president says. I thought English was our language, but I guess I was wrong.

            There were two interviews on the news hour tonight.

            Dr. Fauci said, when asked if a late start on preparations was a problem, that we need to focus on going forward and not worry about what should or shouldn’t have been done. Wise words. Not reassuring to the extent that we responded quickly or effectively early on. Almost a tacit admission that we should have done more, faster.

            The other was an advisor to both Clinton and a Bush on biodefense teams. He also said we lost about 1 1/2 to 2 months advance prep time, but that is water over the dam. He did say that the administration is probably on the right track now.

            So if Trump said he knew it was a pandemic early on, why the delay in starting to stock up on even the simplest stuff. We saw what China was doing to scramble and catch up after hiding the seriousness of the disease for political reasons. It was public knowledge in January, so the administration must have had some idea about the seriousness of the virus. There were closed door meetings that involved Burr and Loeffler after which they dumped stocks. One even bought some stock in a company that sets up telemedicine software.

            So something was up. Yet Trump just poo pooed the issue until a week ago. A political hoax, only 12 cases, etc.

            But again, since i don’t speak “Trump” I am sure I misunderstood everything.

            Why were Americans kept in the dark until the market crashed. And even then Trump was insulting critics who questioned the veracity of his “no big deal” and “we are on it” stuff.

            In a crisis like this we shouldn’t have to go by the adage that has been a Trump supporter mantra. “Don’t listen to what he says, just watch what he does.”

            That doesn’t cut it with me when life and finances are on the line.

            See what I mean?

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        4. Okay, okay, you win. I cannot cite one thing that Trump has done that worsened the situation. But then, you cannot cite one effort he has taken to try to improve it, and that you’re see, Doc, is the very condition of “letting it happen”.

          As I used to tell my crew, “When disaster happens, and it will happen, do something. If it’s the right thing then the problem’s solved. If not, then we just have a different disaster, which is still better than doing nothing.”

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          1. I can’t?

            Early blocking of travel from China,
            later blocking travel from Europe as the locus changed.

            Allowing people to flee to scattered locations in the US would have greatly accelerated the spread here.

            On the advice of his experts, Trump has actually done all that could be done, based on what was known at that time.

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          2. “ Non-nationals or non-residents who have been in mainland China in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter. For those allowed entry that have been in mainland China in the past 14 days must arrive at one of the following airports: Atlanta (ATL), Chicago (ORD), Dallas, (DFW), Detroit (DTW), Honolulu (HNL), Los Angeles (LAX), New York (JFK or EWR), San Francisco (SFO), Seattle (SEA) and Washington (IAD).”

            Just pointing out that is not “blocking travel”. Legal American residents and citizens could come back through most of our major ports of entry.

            Europe was with glaring exceptions until just the other day.

            Again, not blocking.

            Or is that more Trumpese. I think he said “bans”.

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    4. “ America is riding this out pretty well.”

      There is a decent reason for the slower effects of the virus, and thank God for that.

      We have only two borders. That has been our best defense for many problems, including wars.

      As I told Roberts, I would love to see progress on this mess. But the administration has not been straight with us. There is no vaccine “immediately or even soon”. There is no approved cure or treatment even though Trump said so. They are working on that, but to generate false hope is dangerous. It has only been a week or so since Trump addressed the issue as serious. Since January we’ve known it is serious. But all the alarms were called partisan attacks. There is no Obama rule. The Democrat’s open borders did not cause this virus to land here. Which is really disgusting since Trump has been in charge of our borders for 3 years.

      I just don’t understand. Am I missing something?

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      1. RE: “I just don’t understand. Am I missing something?”

        Yes. You are insisting on believing (and repeating) “facts” that aren’t true. For example, Trump never said there is an approved cure for Covid-19.


        1. “President Donald Trump misstated the facts Thursday when he asserted that the Food and Drug Administration had just approved a decades-old malaria drug to treat patients infected by the coronavirus. After his FDA chief clarified that the drug still needs testing, Trump also overstated the drug’s potential upside in helping contain the outbreak.

          A look at his claims at a news briefing:

          TRUMP: “And we’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately, and that’s where the FDA has been so great. They — they’ve gone through the approval process. It’s been approved.”

          “But Trump falsely suggested to reporters that the FDA had just cleared the drug specifically for the viral pandemic spreading in communities across the U.S. That would mean that the drug had met the FDA’s standards for safety and effectiveness.

          Minutes later, FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn emphasized that the drug still needs testing to determine if it can help patients. He said chloroquine would have to be tested in “a large pragmatic clinical trial to actually gather that information.”

          So Trump said it was approved, the FDA said it wasn’t. We are talking about approved for COVID 19 right?

          So set me straight. I can’t wait.

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        2. RE: “We are talking about approved for COVID 19 right?”

          Not exactly. That is the very assumption that you and other Trump critics erroneously make.

          Chloroquine is FDA-approved as a treatment for malaria. It has been used for that for decades such that the side effects and risk profile are well-documented and widely understood by doctors. Therefore, the existing FDA approval allows doctors to prescribe chloroquine for so-called “off label” uses in treating other diseases, based on the doctor’s own professional judgement.

          There is some anecdotal evidence that chloroquine may have prophylactic (prevention) and therapeutic (curative) value in treating Covid-19. At Trump’s request, the FDA reviewed that evidence and found it to be inconclusive as a matter of science. But the FDA also found the evidence merited further study, so it “re-approved” the existing approval for chloroquine to be used for “off label” purposes, specifically as a potential treatment for Covid-19.

          To make Covid-19 an “ON-label” use of chloroquine will require clinical testing, for which the FDA will provide regulatory management and oversight.

          Which brings us to Trump’s specific statement, which happens to be factually correct in every key phrase:

          “And we’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately, and that’s where the FDA has been so great. They — they’ve gone through the approval process. It’s been approved.”


          • We are going to be able to make chloroquine available almost immediately (in quantities necessary to perform the clinical testing — remember, there’s not much demand for anti-malarial drugs in the U.S.)
          • The FDA has “gone through” (reviewed and evaluated) the existing approval for chloroquine in the context of its potential use by Covid-19 patients).

          • Chloroquine has been approved for “off label” prescriptions, making it ready for clinical testing in the proposed application.

          In other words, Trump never said chloroquine was an approved cure for Covid-19. It is false and irresponsible to say that he did.

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          1. In short it took you a long dissertation to translate what Trump said. He said the drug was approved. Not approved for testing or compassionate use.

            Just approved. Available immediately.

            Like I told Don, I need a translator to understand my own president.

            Maybe I just want a leader I can understand. Not too much to ask…I thought.

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          2. Mr. Semantics to defend Trump at all costs using lots of words that say pretty much nothing, except that the sun rises and sets at Trump’s behest.


          3. RE: “In short it took you a long dissertation to translate what Trump said.”

            I wrote a long dissertation to help you understand the issue at hand, because you wouldn’t do the necessary work yourself. You have been wallowing in ignorance and lashing out at Trump for no good reason.


          4. “You have been wallowing in ignorance and lashing out at Trump for no good reason.”

            Your condescension is duly noted and respectfully rejected for the following reasons.

            First, simply put you are wrong.

            Second I wrote what Trump said verbatim, and he was wrong.

            Third, my criticism is just. You have been lashing out at critics with self imposed, elitist impunity.

            Finally, I think you know that in your heart.

            IMHO (with your permission).

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  2. “Why is it that every Republican administration seems to end in disaster?“

    I usually hate rhetorical questions, But this one never seems to get a satisfactory answer.

    Just kidding, screwing the proletariat and feeding the maw of the fat cats has been the answer for quite some time.

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      1. I think the only one we could honestly say didn’t need cleaning up after would be IKE, who followed FDR/HST.

        Nixon followed JFK/LBJ, How did that end up?

        Carter was pretty much a failure. And Reagan and Bush I needed fixing by Clinton. Bush II needed BIG fixes from Obama.

        So I disagree, respectfully, with your statement of equality concerning disastrous administrations.

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  3. Schmeckel.

    Give it a rest already, will ya? Post things which helps others in our respective communities…rather than what you’ve been doing.

    Post things which encourage others (follow your lead) rather than being a needless turd hitting the fan.

    This is a time in our nation’s history where “We the People” need to be working together, forgoing political negativity, etc.

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    1. OK Craig,

      What would you suggest?

      WE do need to work together and require actual facts to base a course of action on. I think what we are seeing is a fever of misinformation very slowly breaking (I hope) allowing US to make good decisions going forward.

      As long as lies and misinformation are allowed to be propagated and accepted as fact WE have no chance.

      This is NOT a political discussion; it is a simple war on the truth that must be won by those of US who don’t have a partisan side to take, just a concern for all American citizens.

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      1. As of 1735 (5:35 PM) , March 20?

        This part of WE (my bride and I) have helped 17 households in Chesapeake, Norfolk and VB his week. What has government (or you and yours) done?

        This part of WE has seen more dis/mis information across the media spectrum. You?

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        1. Good on ya for the helping (wife and I do the Food Bank thing and distribution issues are currently the headache). While the Federal Government Reaction is scattershot and ineffective local and State officials are doing all they can.

          The biggest complaint is the continuing lack of coherence from the top, ergo all the concern voiced here.

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    2. Well, most of us in various ways are begging and imploring the administration for straight talk.

      This is what we get:

      “And we’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately, and that’s where the FDA has been so great. They — they’ve gone through the approval process. It’s been approved.”

      What’s been approved? A treatment for COVID19 would certainly be the assumption. The FDA said that’s not true. They have approved it for testing. And that does not make the drug available for immediate use.

      So some hourly wage earner decides to go to work anyway since a treatment, or cure, is out.

      Don’t you see how dangerous that is?

      Yes, let’s pull together. So Trump, please stop blaming Obama, the Chinese, the Democrats and help instead.

      And please tell the truth.

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      1. RE: “Well, most of us in various ways are begging and imploring the administration for straight talk.”

        Have you been watching the daily press conferences? If not, then you are missing out on the straight talk you seek. Here is today’s:

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        1. Drastic travel restrictions might have done some good IF they had been implemented as soon as the intelligence community informed the administration that a pandemic was likely. Nothing was done. Nobody seemed able to get Trump to pay attention, much less understand.

          Implementing travel restrictions now when the virus is already firmly established is for show and will not help. In fact, it will hurt according to respected experts in the field.

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    3. @Craig

      Political negativity? Is that what you call it? Or is it legitimate criticism of an ongoing failure?

      Here is a heads up. When were in real shooting wars the President was not immune from criticism. FDR, Harry Truman, LBJ and both Bushes got mountains of criticism over their perceived and real failings. Criticizing Dear Leader is as American as apple pie. Criticism is how problems are identified, addressed and fixed. So long as Trump keeps lying about life and death matters I will continue to post criticism of his egregiously poor leadership.

      For example, here is some more “political negativity.” Why has Trump NOT fully used the Defense Production Act to mobilize industry on producing what is needed? That is is another FAILURE. For no apparent reason. Another feckless decision that will cost lives.

      By the way, as you hurl Yiddish insults your calls for civility ring pretty hollow.

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        1. @craig
          I know your training has taught you to bow down to the man in charge, but really Trump is not worthy of your obeisance. If the truth offends you so much then that is your problem, not mine. Sadly, you seem not to understand that school yard insults wrapped up with this phony “sir” business is laughable. But, hey what do I know? I am a schmeckel.

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          1. @Paul,


            You are a schmeckel (a dick) based upon the previous 18 plus years of our history/posts upon PILOTONLINE (thumbs UP/DOWN plus comments before it went offline last year) or this site.

            Think about it.

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          2. @Craig

            “Think about it.”

            I know myself pretty well. That is, after all, the beginning of wisdom. I do not lie. I do not cheat. I pay ALL my taxes. I am faithful to my wife. I take care of my kids. I never stole a dime. I think that the truth is important in all things and especially in public affairs. If I am not certain of a fact, I Google it before I post it. I do not suffer fools gladly. I do not hesitate to call people who continually spread “alternative facts” what they are – liars or dupes. If someone claims superior intellect or disparages mine while posting garbage, I point out what sort of jackass would do that. And, if someone challenges my level of civility while calling me a name, I point out the foolish hypocrisy that requires.

            If all that makes me a schmeckel in your eyes, I am fine with that, but hey, thanks for sharing.


          3. @Paul

            Think about what?

            It’s one thing to raise a salient point…but you exceed that.

            Sir? Your posts are comparable to a Catholic nun beating a child’s knuckles to a pulp because he/she gave the wrong answer to “What’s 3 + 3?”

            You are, in fact, a Schmeckel (a dick).

            Matter of fact? I asked Mom to translate another word this morning. You should be able to decipher it without “Googling” it. Askhoul.


          4. @ Paul,

            My reply (in English):
            Interesting choice of words, sir. Apparently, I’ve stepped upon several nerves which have caused you to reply in a defensive manner. Tells me you’re not fully secure in your understanding of the ways of the world.

            You do post excellent links…things which we’d all should take into consideration. But on the other you discount those to you disagree with (especially when it comes to politics) and post replies where you belittle, denigrate and/or dismiss them. Might as well call them a fucking idiot which automatically/reflexively puts them into a defensive mind.

            See where I’m going?


          5. @Craig

            I have no idea where you are going. Maybe you have something in view on your high horse that I cannot see from here on the ground?

            My choice of words was pretty accurate, IMHO.

            You think referring to your childish insults as childish is “defensive?” Okay. So what IS the proper non-defensive way to respond to childish insults? Simply ignore them, I suppose.

            Now, you say that I am “not secure in my understanding of the way of the world.” But YOU are? I have no idea where THAT comes from but I have made my way through the world pretty successfully so far. Blind luck, I guess.

            If all you are trying to say is that I will not get “fucking idiots” to not be “fucking idiots” by responding to their fucking idiocy without revealing that I think they are “fucking idiots” you are surely correct. But, I labor under no illusion that such “fucking idiots” can be changed by actual facts and sound logic. I respond to posts according to their merits. Lies, nonsense and bigotry do not get polite responses from me. They never will.


          1. @Adam

            During the 60’s and 70’s…I heard Grandma and/or Mom say that while arguing with Gramps or Dad.


        2. @Paul Murphy

          Before reading this post, listen to Don Henley’s song “Dirty Laundry”.

          American media became 24/7 political infomercials in the late-90’s. They’re now cheerleaders for preferred political party and nags to the opposing party. That’s irrefutable and social media exponentially adds to/complicates matters.

          Sir? I’m slow to anger and rare is the time that I use foul language. Please accept my apologies for my earlier posts on this thread.

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    4. RE: “This is a time in our nation’s history where “We the People” need to be working together, forgoing political negativity, etc.”

      You are today’s voice of reason, Mr. Paskewic. Not for the first time, either.

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        1. RE: “Is it really rational to remain silent while deadly lies are spread from the Oval Office.”

          First you need to be good at the identification of lies. After that you can be rational.

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          1. @Roberts

            Identification of lies?

            With Trump it is not too difficult.
            Look at the faces and body language of the experts he uses as props.

            If that is too hard, then look closely and see if his lips are moving.

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          2. …”ou need to be good at the identification of lies.”

            Your pretzel logic in defending the lies makes it impossible to convince you of the facts. The lies have been identified, repeatedly, by others on this forum and you do your not-so-level best to twist and spin YOUR view of the facts to say, basically, “Ya’all are lying about the lies.”

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  4. @ Paul Mruphy-

    Then why do you continue to reply to my posts?

    Is it because of self-esteem? Vanity? An inherent mentality where you must be the dominant personality in an online/personal conversation?

    I’ve been a VB resident for roughly 20 years, learned a lot from other posters (Virginian Pilot), accepted/openly admitted when I was wrong, etc.

    But you, sir? Anyone who disagrees with you? Is belittled and /or denigrated. Why is that?

    Think about it….shmeckel.


    1. @Craig

      “Then why do you continue to reply to my posts?

      Is it because of self-esteem? Vanity? An inherent mentality where you must be the dominant personality in an online/personal conversation?”

      Back at ya.


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