A touch of hope for foodies


Nice listing of restaurants who are doing what they can to 1)stay in business and 2) take care of us who are social distancing but still would like a nice meal option that someone else cooks.

2 thoughts on “A touch of hope for foodies

  1. Nice article. As accomplished cooks (my wife is WAY better than I) we are using the down time to create and experiment new culinary delight at home. While it’s not always successful (me) it is a lot of fun.

    I’m concerned we are raising generations of young people who struggle to boil a pot of water…

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    1. My wife and both know our way around the kitchen. It’s not very big, so we don’t get lost. Often.

      My son and his girlfriend have been doing a meal per week. Sometimes simple (meatloaf that was quite nice). Sometimes a little more involved (Out of this world chicken fajitas last night). My son tends to be a bit of a wizard with leftovers. And I have a collection of recipes stolen from cooking magazines over the years that I haven’t tried yet. I’m still working (for now), but I am trying to get the wife to experiment with some of those.

      My daughter does a nice job to keep her family fed. Nothing overly complicated (a year old and a 1+ who entered the terrible twos a tad early. But she does well and no one goes hungry.

      Just wanted to let you know there are some of the next generation that have been given the tools and know how to use them without burning down the house.

      And if they struggle with ramen, they deserve to go hungry. 😜😁πŸ₯£

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