No links, just a personal epiphany last evening.

Went to my regular Wednesday evening yoga class last night. Prior to starting, the instructor explained all of the sanitation actions they were taking. The floor had been steam cleaned. They reduced to use of props (bolsters, mostly), disinfecting the blocks used after each class, and rotating the blankets to be washed after each session. They were even videoing the class to post online for those who did not want to come to the studio. There was a total of 5 people at the studio and we “socially distanced” ourselves.

The class itself is billed as a restorative yoga class. Works to improve the parasympathetic nervous system. It is part of my own spiritual, mindful, and physical well being efforts. I look forward to this class each week as a way to shake the “hump day” mentality. (Some days you’re the dog, some you’re the leg.)

We also discussed the reactions of people to the Corona virus crisis. And I had a bit of an epiphany about it. There appear to be three basic types of reactions:

  • Overhyped, fear mongering panic.
  • Levelheaded, common sense approach to doing what is necessary to help prevent the spread.
  • Under concern, mostly by younger generations who still believe themselves to be 10 foot tall and bulletproof. (I think we all kind of did that when we were younger. I know I did until cancer bit me in the ass, literally.)

There was a general consensus that most people are in the middle range. I believe, based on comments thus far, that most of us here are in that category as well.

Then I read “The Buzz” in this morning’s Pilot and found there was actually a fourth category as well: Conspiracy laden, hyper partisans who think this is just another attempt to bring down Trump.

“None and nothing! A political scam carefully managed by opponents, including China, to take-down our leaders. The Daily Press could perform a valuable service by printing, side-by-side, the daily numbers for both the flu and the so-called coronavirus.”

I’ll let you folks decide where this gentleman’s head is.

And in answer to a question last evening, also indicated in the above quote, it is not the NUMBER of deaths from COVID-19, it is the percentages. Seasonal flu deaths are below 1%, whereas COVID-19 rates are running about 4% worldwide and just below 2% here in the states. (Axios has a tracker they update every few hours). Plus, there IS a vaccine for seasonal flu and COVID-19 vaccines are just now being developed. Also, as testing becomes more prevalent here, the number of actual cases will increase. But by following best practices recommended by all levels of government, we can, hopefully, keep these numbers down.

Just some thoughts from the other Retired Senior Chief PO.

11 thoughts on “No links, just a personal epiphany last evening.

  1. Thanks for a clear headed post. I agree with what your wrote with the obvious exception that I do not practice yoga.

    I had signed up for lessons last fall after back surgery, but then the hip said “not on my watch”.

    I am going to try again after I get a pass from the doc.

    It is unfortunate that major crises, of which this is certainly one of them on many levels, that conspiracies will take hold. It is then we look to solid information from a strong, trustworthy leadership to keep a lid on the bubbling cauldron.

    Conspiracies are the bugaboo of most authoritarian and failed regimes. In my opinion it is the lack of a robust free press in which the conspiracies can be exposed, debated, debunked even if all participants don’t have sterling credentials.

    Despite the efforts of many on the right, and the regime, there is still a broad spectrum of media to pick and choose from. The question is not a matter of who is the most reliable all the time, but rather is the public willing to read or view a variety and then make their own informed decisions.

    Interesting example is the publication of both Tim Morrison and Beth Cameron on the pandemic response team reshuffling by the regime. Both served in capacities in the NSC, so they both have some credence beyond speculation and/or strictly anonymous sources.

    And, very notably, they were both published by the Washington Post just 3 days apart. Someone tethered exclusively to FOX or MSNBC would have missed those. Which is another caveat against relying strictly on video rather than the written word.

    In a way, I wish new aggregators like Apple News were used by more people. There the gamut runs from left to right and easy to access and read. At least as a starting point.



    1. I have Apple News available @ the house, but not @ work. And I agree with your assessment of aggregators.

      I do like The Hill as they are timely and well balanced in their reporting and opinions.

      “Someone tethered exclusively to FOX or MSNBC would have missed those. Which is another caveat against relying strictly on video rather than the written word.” Just one comment on that: Oh, Hell yeah!”


    2. Tethered? Oh, I dunno; perhaps. But, I do move around during the day and evenings. I like early-morning MSNBC. As the day goes on I’ll amble on over to CNN ( to be sure I do something that would p-off ‘djt’. Snicker.)

      Along the way I read the V-P. I also check out FOX – but never in the evening where I could accidentally stumble over Laura Ingraham. Ouch.

      I tend to stop and watch whatever nonsense and non-truths are blowing out little ‘djt’s’ mouth.

      Bottom line for me is when I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears, I tend to pay attention.

      Actually, right now I’m hearing babble from ‘djt’, but I’m wondering who dresses the female doctor standing to donald’s left. That lady reminds me of Jessica Lange and knows how to wear a scarf a bazillion attractive ways.

      Maybe ‘djt’ will ST’ef’U, sit down and let the adults talk.

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      1. “Maybe ‘djt’ will ST’ef’U, sit down and let the adults talk.“


        It will take me a while to catch my breath after that thought.

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    3. RE: “Interesting example is the publication of both Tim Morrison and Beth Cameron on the pandemic response team reshuffling by the regime. Both served in capacities in the NSC, so they both have some credence beyond speculation and/or strictly anonymous sources.”

      It should be noted that Morrison wrote to correct the record because Cameron’s piece gave a wrong impression of events, in his view. Moreover, WAPO was in a position to know that Cameron’s presentation was shaded by political bias, because the nature of the NSC reshuffling had been much discussed in other sources previously.

      Far from demonstrating the virtues of good journalism, this story shows WAPO in almost the worst possible light. WAPO made a willful error, got caught, then published Morrison to save face.


      1. …”to know that Cameron’s presentation was shaded by political bias”.

        Yeah. And Morrison was NOT just trying to 1)Protect Trump and 2) attempt to SPIN what Cameron said to keep his job as a “pundit”. Absolutely no bias by Morrison. 🙄

        You believe what you want. I tend to lean towards the truth based on facts.


      2. I heartily disagree about your assessment on WAPO. But you knew that.

        If the worst possible light is to have two opposing opinions from front line folks, then that is not bad at all.

        Why would the Post know that Cameron”s piece would be shaded by bias any more, or less for that matter, than Morrison’s.?

        That is an assumption based on personal bias itself. I understand that. I think it shades the opinion about WAPO and it’s motives, and I understand that too.

        The question that comes to mind, as I said earlier, is this: if the new reorganization was so much better, why did it take from December, when China, belatedly, informed the WHO (And provided the genome, I believe.) till February for some travel restrictions. And, worse yet, until THIS WEEK to stop telling people to party on. Specifically the conservatives and FOX who poo pooed all efforts by the Democrats and media that this was serious.

        Apparently the new response team either didn’t do a good job or were afraid to tell the administration. No other excuse makes sense.

        So WAPO and all media, except FOX and the right wing echo chamber, were sounding alarms yet suffered the vicious slings and arrows from the conservatives.

        I say thank God for the alarms and shame on the critics and naysayers.


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  2. RE: “I had a bit of an epiphany about it.”

    Your epiphany seems to be that people react differently, sometimes irrationally, to information. In effect, when the face of reality shows itself to a crowd, the people run off in all different directions thinking (some screaming) different things.

    I can’t help but point out the corollary: Knowing the Truth of Truth as Truth truly is is no guaranty of being able to communicate it.

    Knowing the Truth of Truth as Truth truly is a whole puzzle in its own right, but that’s another story.


  3. Maybe someone has some insite here in the comparison of mortality rates of the flu and CoVid.

    According to the CDC as of “Week 40” there have been 262,196 positive flu specimens between clinical and public health labs with 22,000 deaths so far. Death results in 8.3% of positive test. But,.the CDC extrapolates the data and estimates that there were 36 million flu illnesses thus far which brings the mortality rate to under 1%

    Are the CoVid mortality rates being calculated based on the positive test results or an extrapolated number of people infected similar to how the adjusted flu mortality rate is expressed by the CDC?


    1. Numbers can hard to pin down.

      Over the decades I have had the flu maybe once or twice. I was lucky. Others I have known catch the damn thing every year.

      How many actually get medically tested for lab verification? Few that I know of. Plus, and this is critical, we have had flu vaccines for decades and they are matched each year based on the best estimates as to which strains will appear. Some time it is highly effective, others not so much.

      But even if the strain that hits in a given year is misjudged, the flu shot still mitigates the symptoms.

      So the bottom line is that flu can hit millions, and probably does, but most just ride it out with Advil, chicken soup and bed rest.

      This virus is totally new. And seemingly pretty deadly based on worldwide numbers.

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