It’s getting obvious that the regime is clueless

The Fed has emptied its bag of tricks and the economy wasn’t amused.

A nice rise in the DOW since 2011, previously used to lower the deficit to less than 1/2 after the crash, was the excuse to cut taxes, increase debt, cut rates and generally party on with a credit card.

GDP never hit the storied 3% annual after the tax cut. 42% of jobs still pay less than $15/hour. And now a long warned about threat that we were totally unprepared for. A flimsy house of cards.

We have a GOP in the senate that is frozen unless they get a nod of approval from the Oval Office. And, unfortunately, it is playing a twisted tactic I call “smart cop, dumb cop”.

I’m sure we will get through this mess. I can’t help but feel we are fighting two viruses. Coronavirus and…guess.

25 thoughts on “It’s getting obvious that the regime is clueless

      1. “And we were very clear that people misinterpreted the comment on cargo.”

        No, those gaslights are not dimming, my dear.

        I know Trump just misread his own written speech. No big deal. Everyone makes mistakes.

        But for the regime to blame Americans for misinterpreting is indicative of the contempt it has for us that we are too stupid to ask a simple question on a phrase that had serious consequences until corrected.

        Geez, I hate that dismissive attitude.


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  1. The only thing Trump has said recently that I am very good with is to tell people to relax, stop panic buying, and think of your neighbors who also need things to get through this. The lady who went to Costco and had 2 CARTS of toilet paper needs the shit slapped out of her. (Intended)

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  2. We “haters” have been saying this since 2016 – Trump is not fit and not equipped mentally or emotionally for the office he holds. His ugly combination of dishonesty and incompetence is the polar opposite of what is needed at this moment in the Oval Office.

    No one can say that Trump caused this pandemic or that he could have prevented it reaching our shores, but what can be said is that his poor decisions and constant lies are making it worse both in terms of eventual mortality and in terms of economic damage.

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      1. He takes a lot of credit for that China travel “ban” (it wasn’t a ban and should have been). It was far too porous to be of much benefit. Same with the travel “ban” from Europe. Too little. Too late. Classic case of closing the door after the horse has run away. Or, in this case, after the fox is already in the hen house.

        He has pushed this simpleminded and least effective policy not because it has much merit but because his xenophobic base think such actions will keep them safe from this “foreign virus.”

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  3. All this relentless partisanship is going to do is prevent needed actions from being completed.

    Coronvirus is our generation’s Pearl Harbor and we better start pulling together.

    It’s time to ask yourselves if the possibility of tipping an election in November is worth the lives of 1 to 2 million of your fellow citizens, because if we paralyze the Congress with partisan gamesmanship, that will be the price we pay.

    At some point, an imperfect plan is still better than chaos. And so far, Trump’s actual actions, if not his rhetoric, have been guided by the best advice he had available at the time.

    So get a damned grip or I will shut this forum down permanently.

    There are plenty of positive things to discuss.

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    1. “will shut this forum down permanently“. ??

      Shut it the fuck down, or kick me out if you choose.

      If you can’t take the heat (or the truth) about this monumental failure of leadership and the ineffective actions being taken maybe taking your toys and going home is the best recourse.

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      1. I started this forum for two reasons,

        One is that discussing the issues is fun, the other that interchanges of ideas help us sharpen our own thoughts. But neither of those happen here any more.

        We have a big problem to solve.

        How do we enable people to stay home and hunker down with their families until the growth curve on the pandemic flattens out enough for us to deal with it. Two weeks isn’t going to be enough.

        But there has been ZERO discussion on how to do that, only attempts to use the crisis for political gain.

        People can’t ignore their mortgages or businesses for 8 weeks. So, how do we hunker down and not have everyone lose everything?

        There was a good idea in a Tom Clancey novel.


        1. I think the plan submitted by the Democrats addressed those issues. But it is being held up by McConnell for some FISA vote cloture.

          Paid leave subsidized is probably one of the top priorities. As well as tax credits for businesses. The idea being to encourage people to stay home knowing they can pay bills.

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        2. The intent of the House passed bill was hopefully a first step in providing funding for SOME of what’s going to be needed. The “hunkering down” is going to be THE problem for the GIG and service people who live day to day.

          Government covered moratoriums are probably going to be needed for rent, mortgage, and loans in general, as the effects are felt, and need to be implemented very quickly if we want people to stay home.

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    2. @Tabor

      “And so far, Trump’s actual actions, if not his rhetoric, have been guided by the best advice he had available at the time.”

      That is simply not true. Or, if it is that would be because he is taking advice from political hacks like Stephen Miller or Jared Kushner and not from scientists and policy experts. No scientist, for example, would have advocated this European travel ban after the virus is already entrenched here much less one that excluded the UK.

      Then there is the whole matter of testing. Bungled from the start for political, bureaucratic and not scientific reasons.

      As for closing this forum, you could, of course, do that but it might be better for you to recognize that yours are NOT the only ideas in that “marketplace of ideas” you frequently refer to.

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      1. The European travel ban was done on Fauci’s recommendation and was ahead of the curve.

        The CDC and NIH had detected that the incoming infections had shifted from Asia to Europe, with people fleeing Europe to all quarters of America where they had relatives or contacts. The ban will very definitely help flatten the curve here.

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        1. @Tabor

          I find no evidence that Fauci recommended the half-assed and now pointless European travel ban. But yes, he did defend it after the fact probably because he wants to keep his job. You know how Trump is about disloyalty.


          1. @Muphy

            I do think Fauci’s guidance and public comments have been very useful, and yeah, probably disregarded until they were OBE early.

            I’m just glad he’s being listened to now, and yeah again, he has to walk a fine line to maintain influence in this Administration.

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          2. @Jimmie

            I agree that Fauci is doing yeoman work.
            He is a living argument against mandatory retirement.
            He is 79 years old.

            And, since he does good on the TV machine maybe Trump will start to listen to him and, even better, not contradict him.

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    3. Trump is tipping the election all by himself. Being called out for his faults is part of being in charge. If you don’t see that HIS words and actions have done more to damage his limited credibility, you aren’t paying attention to that which is important. How long did he take HIM to actually listen to the advice he was given before he put together the right people to work on this very scary issue?

      “…Trump’s actual actions, if not his rhetoric, have been guided by the best advice he had available at the time.” That actually speaks to the fear of his administration to give him bad news. How many reports have we seen from various sources that have basically said “Don’t give him bad news or you’ll end up getting fired by executive tweet”? He stated so many times that “only I (he) can fix it”. And it has been proven wrong repeatedly over the past 3 plus years.

      The paralyzing of Congress was put in place long before COVID-19 became the issue. How many bills, passed by the House to address a multitude of issues are languishing in the Senate because the Majority leader won’t even send them to the appropriate committees?

      The House passed their relief bill with overwhelming bipartisan support ( only 40 votes against) and Trump said he supported it. With a National Emergency declaration (a legitimate one this time), the Senate Majority leader took the weekend off. Why? Seriously. Why would he do that? Why not stay in town and vote on the package, get it to Trump to sign and get the ball rolling with what needs to be done today?

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    4. “… because if we paralyze the Congress with partisan gamesmanship, that will be the price we pay.”

      The Democrats came up with a plan after negotiating with the GOP and at least 20 calls to the administration over several days. Trump even blessed it. Or so the administration indicated.

      Now the question is why is it being held up by the Republican senate. Or more importantly it is the party of a Trump that is throwing the blockades.

      Please call your GOP folks and demand action. That is the roadblock.

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      1. …”after negotiating with the GOP”… Actually I think all of the negotiations were between Pelosi and Mnuchin. But at least they got something done.

        And more to follow, from Romney’s $1,000 per taxpayer proposal to Schumer’s new plan for $750 billion.


    5. More proof of who is actually the cause of the “relentless partisanship” you bemoan.

      GOV Cuomo has been a helluva lot more proactive and honest in his state and how it is dealing with the crisis.

      In The NYT on Sunday, Gov Cuomo closed with this “”We have had disagreements about your actions against New York, which we can pursue at another time. Today, let’s work together as Americans. Time is short.”” Sounds about right ot me.

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      1. @Adam

        Very recently, Team Trump has tweeted that Joe Biden is a “rotting corpse” and the beleaguered governor of Washington is a “snake.” Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi rolled her sleeves up and crafted and passed a meaningful package of actions only to have the Moscow Mitch Senate take a walk. And yet these people have the temerity to lecture us on partisanship?

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