Harris teeters delivers to the home

No link, just info.

With a brand new hip, I can’t drive for at least another couple of week and we have family that is immunosuppressed, so we are stuck for a while.

Harris Teeter, like others I am sure, will select, bag and either hold for pickup or deliver. Deliver fee is reasonable at 16.95. Plus I always give the delivery person $5 and a smile.

I do all the cooking and shopping so having another person pick out fresh produce or meats is not my favorite thing. But I have to say they do a great job. Plus you can add notes about specific requests like making sure some bananas are green so they last.

Then they will call as the order is put together if they are out and would I like a substitute or cancel that item.

You get a one hour window for delivery in advance. I ordered today and they scheduled for tomorrow between 11-12.

Obviously I will be handling all the delivered goods, bags, etc. Then wash my hands for two complete run throughs of Beethoven’s Ninth.

Maybe everyone else knows about this, but it has made self quarantining a bit less onerous.

One other thing is that we are fortunate to be retired with assets so that we are not struggling with anything more than trying to stay healthy and, of course, alive.

MTC (my two cents) on quarantine ideas.

14 thoughts on “Harris teeters delivers to the home

  1. My wife recently started using the Kroger pick up service on occasion. She orders on line and they give you a one hour window to pick up. Good for those who CAN’T drive (Len) and those who have someone to drive for them (Jimmie). Goes a long way to follow social distancing guidelines and avoiding crowded places.

    I’m still trying to figure out why people need so much toilet paper. I don’t recall diarrhea being one of the symptoms.

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    1. Yeah, that TP craze is hard to fathom.

      I guess it is one of those modern conveniences that we take for granted when supplies are plentiful, but panic when we are out. But those are 30 roll packs.

      I might understand a family of 6 with dysentery, but other than that…

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  2. I often see Costco employees with carts going around the store and picking up products, which I’ve always assumed were doing this for ‘pickup requests’ customers. They pay a lot of attention, it appears, trying to get the brand, etc., that someone’s asked for. I like HT at Wards Corner. And, I agree with all of you – this could become a down-right necessity if this thing lags on and on.

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    1. Last week when I tried the HT delivery I was offered same day option if I finished my order around 11 or so. They came at 4pm.

      Today I finished the order around the same time and there was 1 slot available the next day at 11.
      I think it is catching on.

      I shop there several times a week. Kind of European style, not stocking up. I’ll be willing to bet we have crossed paths and never knew it.

      I’m 6’2”. People confuse me with Brad Pitt. Drive a red Ferrari.

      (Ok, maybe shorter and more like Don Rickles.)
      (With a limp. Before surgery.)
      (Drive a Subaru.)

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        1. And the service is consistently good. I’ve met very few grumps. They must really drill service into hiring. A lot of high school student work the registers.

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      1. I’m 6’3″ and don’t get confused for anyone. Luckily.
        And I drive a Hyundai. The Mrs. got the Durango for hauling yoga gear, grand kids and groceries, like you, several times a week. Used to drive a Dodge pickup til it died an electrical death. My wife is 5’4″ and her cars get bigger, mine gets smaller. There is something very wrong here.


    2. Me & THE MR. TRIED to get in Costco this morning around 10:30 to buy a small (20″ or 24″) TV to replace my old one in my kitchen that literally died week before last. It was impossible since the line TO JUST GET IN was out the door and around the right side of the bldg. It was too cold to wait outside for nothing for certain but a TV. So we went home. For a major purchase there should be a way to order and pickup at the front desk. I HAVE TO HAVE A TV IN THE KITCHEN! I say that tongue-in-cheek, but not all together.
      In my 1st paragraph in my previous post I meant to say ‘Harris Teeter’ not Costco. Must still have HT on my brain, huh?

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      1. I cook in our family. TV in kitchen is critical. Especially TGC.

        As an aside we cut the cord. Just internet and an indoor flat, cheap antenna. All local channels over the air including WHRO. HULU for streaming includes Golf Channel. Save about $80 month. Gazillion movies part of the HULU package. Also more TV series than anyone can ever see.

        Still overkill for me, but I had to get HULU to stream TGC.

        BTW images over the air are stunning. Some better than cable since no compression on broadcast HDTV.

        And as a bonus we could give COX cable TV the international gesture of unity. 🖕🏼

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    1. Thanks Craig. Our neighborhood is really very friendly. We have had many offers of assistance. So we should be just fine. Your offer, however, is truly touching.

      We may have to postpone our lunch in April. But I look forward to getting together when the dust settles.

      Again, thank you.

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