Well, here is a welcome relief: help from Ma (sorry, just to good to pass up)


Perhaps the right wing attacks dogs can shut up about the “Wuhan virus”, the “China virus”, the “foreign virus”.

Instead, a hearty thank you to Mr. Ma for his global view and understanding that this pandemic is not a China issue, an Italian issue but a world issue. 500,000 test kits and 1 million masks donated to the US.

We needed the help. Thanks.

10 thoughts on “Well, here is a welcome relief: help from Ma (sorry, just to good to pass up)

  1. A semi crosses the median and obliterates you and your car. As you lay profusely bleeding and in pain, the driver walks up and offers a bag of Fritos in case you are hungry. It helps but they are still responsible for the mess and your extreme injury.

    Thank you, China, for obliterating me and my car with the Wuhan virus.


    1. Falwell gotten to you? A plot from Xi and Kim to make you sick.

      We are getting more test kits from this gentleman than we have now. And I would venture to say that his company has lost a lot of money because of that nasty plot.

      Well that makes at least two people who think China did this on purpose.

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      1. Did I say anything about a fricken plot? That is the typical knee-jerk disinformation reaction perpetrated by the left. Ground zero is China, they are responsible. Although appreciated, this gesture doesn’t come close mitigating the damage to the world from China. Time for Lowell the Hammer to step in.


        1. So sue them.
          Here is a fact. The virus, or any virus, that causes epidemics or pandemics doesn’t give a crap about borders, politics, what’s fair or not.

          Last century our Midwest power plants caused acid rain in Europe. Borders for that kind of stuff mean little. We eventually mitigated the issue.

          Viruses are even more ephemeral. Our introduction could have come from any “Bob” that traveled overseas. Sue him too, if you want.

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          1. Perhaps my stretch of a plot, which was kind of sarcastic, was a tad off putting. But your an adult and can take it, I am sure.

            Yet blaming China for a world traveling disease is a bit over the top too.

            So there is that.

            Life goes on.

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      1. WTF are you talking about? Dumb asses certainly see things that arent there. Please point to any hint of a “plot” in my post. And you call me asinine???


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