Little Jerry needs to shut his pie hole…

And Fox and Frinds prove they are only friends to those who worship at the altar of Trump.

Falwell, Jr., while jeopardizing his students by NOT cancelling classes, starts idiotic rumors and tries to lay blame at the feet of the media.

Daddy must be looking up with great pride.

7 thoughts on “Little Jerry needs to shut his pie hole…

      1. They were pretty clearly shocked.

        The topic was colleges resorting to online courses to clear their campuses, and since Liberty has 85% of it’s students online already, they had him there to talk about how other colleges could make it work. They were taken completely by surprise when he told them the 15% in person students were staying.


        1. The lack of response was to Falwell’s comment that maybe the coronovirus was Kim’s Christmas gift. That he got together with China and unleashed the virus IN CHINA just to have it go pandemic and spread here.

          If he wants to expose his students to potential threats, that is his choice. But to start a rumor such as that is dangerous, stupid, and not helpful..


  1. And I was accused of fear mongering and irresponsible comments.

    How big is Falwell’s audience?

    Those kind of comments in any other country under a national emergency would result in arrest.

    The charge? First Degree Conspiracy Spreading.

    Geez, that is some low life SOB. I mean that in the kindest way.

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