The Germaphobe-in-Chief

Now he’s worried a reporter will contract the virus, get on Air Force One and infect him. SMH.

My advice to Mr. Trump would be to stop talking about it, let Dr. Fauci take control of the situation and truly help to calm the fears. If he followed the examples of Governors Inslee and Norhtam, he would not be in this situation.

All, of course, IMHO.

5 thoughts on “The Germaphobe-in-Chief

  1. Today as the stock market was falling through the floor Trump spent his day at his Florida golf club tweeting irrelevant, dishonest and, in fact, demented nonsense.

    One highlight was his out of the blue bullshit about President Obama . . . “The Obama/Biden Administration is the most corrupt Administration in the history of our Country!” That, of course, is the polar opposite of the truth.

    Another was his insane tweet ” . . . There are still some very bad, sick people in our government – people who do not love our Country (In fact, they hate our Country!).” That is inside the government he has been running for three years now!

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    1. Yeah, I find it interesting that we are seeing an historic meltdown of the Market core that WILL trickle down to those MOST vulnerable.

      SMFH as the cult has NO clue….

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  2. Watched some of the 630 pm press conference yesterday and after droning on about nothing truly pertinent, he gave way to his response team. One of the smartest things he’s done recently. And not only did he give way, he LEFT. But I never heard the answer to the question if he himself had been tested. Seems risky for a man of his age. Regardless of how healthy the Surgeon General claims him to be.


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