PJM: ‘Trump Trance’? Media Sure It ‘Heard’ Sweden Comment Trump Never Said


Martin brilliantly illustrates a social problem many have seen first hand for themselves. And, of course, many have not.

Did you see the moonwalking Deep State?

17 thoughts on “PJM: ‘Trump Trance’? Media Sure It ‘Heard’ Sweden Comment Trump Never Said

  1. @Roberts
    This article is not in the least bit persuasive.

    In the midst of talking about terror threats and listing countries affected and how they have suffered by admitting refugees Trump said this . . .

    “You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden”

    He is clearly talking about an event. A specific event. It happened “last night in Sweden.” It does not take some sort of Trump blindness to take it that he was talking about a terror event. Meaning comes from words AND from the context in which they are said.

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    1. Thank you proving Todd’s point that you are making stuff up. There was no “terror” event meant, mentioned or referenced. Of course this is not new to you as you spend countless hours daily, consumed by hate, scouring the internet looking for anything to falsely twist into another anti-trump bitch session. Get laid, get a job, get a hobby, do something bro….


      1. So Trump mentions several cities that had terror attacks, then says look at what happened in Sweden last night.

        Well, WTF happened in Sweden that night?

        A bake off? A festival?

        Why mention Sweden at all in the list of terror stricken cities?

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        1. Oh, to answer the question about what happened in Sweden.

          The same that Kellyanne Conway says happened in Bowling Green, either Kentucky or Ohio, when interviewed in January 2017.

          Absolutely nothing.

          Your lying fear monger was true to form then, as now.

          IMHO, of course.

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      2. @Bobr

        I spent zero time scouring the internet on this subject. I read the link Roberts provided to a Trump apologist’s attempt to show that poor little Trumpie was the victim of people hearing what he did not say about terrorism in Sweden.

        As I pointed out, the article was not in the least persuasive. I gave the reasons why. You obviously have nothing to add. No rebuttal. No insight. No suggestion as to what event Trump was referring to if it was not his make believe terror incident. Nothing but your usual pitiful ad hominem attacks and grade school silliness. As I have said to you before – grow up.

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        1. RE: “a Trump apologist’s attempt”

          That’s funny!

          The article describes how the psychology of selective awareness can be weaponized to cause mass ignorance. Then you and others come along to prove the point.

          Not only did you (and others) see in the article only what you wanted or were conditioned to see, you went out of your way to find irrelevant outside information to justify your perception.

          Bobr is right: Your comments are a spectacular fail.


          1. But neither you nor Bob have yet to answer why did Trump say something happened in Sweden when nothing did. Those are both facts.

            Trump purposefully lied. So the confusion was directed by him.

            Now you could say that anything Trump says is false, so that because of that reputation as a liar, the audience should never have paid attention.

            Now that makes a hell of a lot more sense.

            Or to look at it from the angle of Trump the propagandist:

            What was Trump referring to in Germany, Brussels, Nice, and Paris? He did not specify, so are we to guess they were nice things or, if his audience had a smidgeon of awareness in world events, perhaps terror attacks would be logical. That was the subject at hand with regards to the danger of immigrants. That brings us back to Sweden again? What did he refer to since nothing happened there?

            Propaganda and lies. Purposeful and with malice.

            Our president.

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          2. @Roberts

            Pull your head out of your ass. There was no “selective awareness” involved. Trump very clearly referred to a terrorist event that was “happening in Sweden last night” that did not happen. The spectacular fail is by the dopes who have abandoned their values, their common sense, their dignity and their self-respect in their adulation of this demented con man in the Oval Office.

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        2. I am not in the habit of justifying grade school speculative nonsense with continual attempts at reason. You are so blind with hate that you see things that aren’t there. Or is that hear, which is exactly what the article was about??


          1. So, as I have politely ask several times, WTF happened in Sweden that specific night that tied it and all those other cities together for a Trump? He listed them one by one.

            Festivals? Elections?

            This is not a hard question. You’re a smart man.

            Maybe you and Roberts can pool your resources and come up with an answer.

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          2. “I am not in the habit of justifying grade school speculative nonsense”… Milk out the nose hysterical. You through around schoolyard taunts like DJT himself, and then you make a statement like that. Absolutely freakin’ hilarious.

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  2. Reminds me almost to a “T” of the regime’s Kellyanne Conway phony Bowling Green KY “massacre”. Only that was purpose driven fake news rather than a perception. The idea was pretty obviously a fear tactic to bolster Trump’s ban on Certain refugees.


    Included were outlandish lies by congressman Peter King about other terrorist attacks that never happened.

    So a misread of Trump’s comment about what happened in Sweden mixed in with a listing of cities that actually had terrorist attacks is not only reasonable, but probably expected. Trump wants to confuse us so when he is criticized Americans won’t know what to believe.

    And PJMedia is nothing more than a pseudoscientific attempt to explain away lies but the regime.

    Thank you for reminding us that “fake news” from, not about, the administration is a long standing modus operandi to divide and subdue the American people.


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    1. RE: “So a misread of Trump’s comment about what happened in Sweden mixed in with a listing of cities that actually had terrorist attacks is not only reasonable, but probably expected.”

      Maybe reasonable. Maybe expected. But still illogical. That’s the point.


      1. Illogical is the right word for Trump’s phrasing.

        Nothing at all happened is Sweden that “last night” so why, in your logical thinking, would he mention that lie.

        If the listener is making the “reasonable” interpretation, and Trump’s lie elicited his “expected” results, then we have purposeful deceit for political purpose.

        Trump wanted to sow fear and mistrust among his own citizens, so he did.

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