There have been discussions about how the press has treated Trump. Here’s a trip down memory lane.

Columbia Journalism Review is well respected and often takes no prisoners. I believe it jumped all over the Pilot a ways back for what it called shoddy work on an investigative reporting series.

I suspect our current president would have collapsed under the onslaught that Obama weathered from the right wing media giants and authors. And a large part of was based on absolute lies and personal attacks.

It is not how much criticism, true or not, a president receives, but rather how he handles it that gives insight into the quality of a leader.

It is too bad Trump didn’t take the effort to learn his craft. And being president is a skill that takes effort to acquire. Hard to learn much when incessantly tweeting, rushing to golf courses, and going to rally after rally.
Not to mention the revolving door to oust people with knowledge and experience in favor of court jesters licking the king’s boots.


12 thoughts on “There have been discussions about how the press has treated Trump. Here’s a trip down memory lane.

  1. Still can’t distinguish between commentators and journalists?

    Certainly, Fox commentators were critical of Obama. But that’s just one network and just the commentators.

    Trump has been the subject of unrelenting and untruthful NEWS coverage, by nearly all the networks, in most cases, using the exact same words.


    1. First, Trump is suing over opinion pieces. Apple to apples.

      Second, although there have been some gaffes and errors by the major media, they are mostly corrected and published.

      Most of the whining has been about emphasis, placement or lack of coverage. Not necessarily the facts.

      Trump and his close supporters daily “gaslight” by making up stuff, back tracking or flat out denying something was said. So if the media reports that then, yes, truth suffers.

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    2. “unrelenting and untruthful NEWS coverage“

      Unrelenting yes, untruthful, seldom….

      There is no need to alter the coverage facts of trump, his verbatim quotes are quite sufficient.

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  2. I tried to read this piece but started laughing too hard to go on. Well respected? My ass. The left wing main stream media has been on a relentless anti-Trump campaign since day one with lies, mischaracterizations and spin. And this “journalism” rag has the audacity to refer to Fox as venomous? Hello pot? Take a long look in the mirror?


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