Inside the “mind” of Trump.

This man is sick. EVERYTHING is about him. This was supposed to be news conference on the subject of the virus and the government’s response to it. It wasn’t. Just more of Trump’s self-centered blather, bragging and insults.

The topper is his view that 3500 people should have to stay on that Princess cruise ship because HE is not to blame and HE doesn’t need them to make him look bad by being included in the count of the infected. Good grief. Never mind their plight and the danger of staying there. What a jerk. Even Mike Pence had enough to tell the media that they would be evacuated to safety with appropriate screening and quarantine.

8 thoughts on “Inside the “mind” of Trump.

  1. YouTube: President Trump visits CDC in Atlanta after coronavirus scare – 3/6/2020

    You can believe the Guardian’s interpretive account, or you can watch the press conference itself in the video here. I recommend the latter.

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    1. Related to our other conversation on suits against the press, Trump flings more insults.

      Is name calling in a public venue of 10s of millions of followers by “citizen” Trump defamatory and subject to action by law for malicious slander?

      Why not? The twitter account is his personal one. #real Donald Trump.

      Calling a governor a “snake”, a congressman “Schitt”, Clinton “crooked”, a diplomat “treasonous”, the list goes on.

      “While the company bans others, Trump gets a special exception simply because he’s the president. Yet his account is not the official White House account and is, instead, one he established in 2009. The White House Twitter account contains loads of political entries but is largely empty of the threatening, bullying, abusive language that peppers Trump’s personal account.” Add in his retweets of defamatory, racist and threatening messages.

      Yet, evidently presidential “immunity” applies.

      Time to test that crap with dozens of lawsuits aimed at “the real Donald Trump”. And let him defend himself on his own nickel.

      Just sayin’.

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  2. @Roberts

    What did the Guardian report that was not accurate? Here, let me help . . . NOTHING.

    Without watching 45 minutes of this jackass blathering I will stipulate that not every utterance was a lie or a brag or self-congratulatory or an insult. Even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then. But enough of his comments were off the mark that – again – his piss poor behavior became the story instead of good information on the epidemic. The Guardian was just one of countless news organizations who “interpreted” what he said in the same way. Google it and see.

    Even “conservative” outlets had to report that he peppered his remarks with childish insults directed at the governor of Washington and that he expressed his politically based preference for holding those people on that ship.

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    1. I guess seeing trump through the prism of adulation can allow someone to rationalize his boorish behavior and mis-statements (lies) away and see only what they want to.

      The part on keeping the people on the ship for “his” numbers was particularly representative of his complete lack of any humanity.

      What an asshole…

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    2. RE: “What did the Guardian report that was not accurate?”

      Not the issue. Given a choice between understanding an event based on a second hand source and understanding it based on my own observations, I’ll go with understanding it based on my own observations.

      In this case I find the video informative on many levels, primarily because the CDC experts do most of the talking. More generally, the contrast between the video and the journalistic account of the same event is a striking example of the difference between a kiss and a kiss sent by messenger.

      It’s a shame to see Trump critics resort to such lame storytelling.


      1. @Roberts

        “. . . lame storytelling.”

        It is not news when a public official does his job professionally. It IS news when the President of the United States makes a risible jackass out of himself over and over again especially in this context where he is supposedly leading the nation through a dangerous situation.

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          1. @Roberts

            Re: “So what? If you limit your knowledge to second hand information, you don’t really have any knowledge at all.”

            That is, of course, complete nonsense. People get knowledge from all over time and space without actually being there.

            But, as a matter of fact I have seen Trump’s CDC behavior with my own eyes. MSNBC today put together a side by side video comparison with Mike Spence doing a good job, telling the truth and NOT acting like a jerk compared to Trump doing the opposite at the CDC. So, yes, from first hand observation I know that Trump is a self-aggrandizing braggart and liar who puts the perception of his competence above the safety of people in peril.

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