“This all starts with a revival of decency and honesty and character,”

19 thoughts on ““This all starts with a revival of decency and honesty and character,”

  1. Your desperation is noted. You don’t need to go nearly this far back to find something on Trump that is more disgusting or heinous. If you believe Trump has ANY sense of decency, honesty or character worth being proud of, there are a couple of bridges I would LOVE to sell you.

    And at least Biden has taken responsibility for his words and actions from the past. Trump blames everyone BUT himself for what he does and says. Accountability to him is only where the numbers get crunched.

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    1. People who live in glass houses and all that.

      If Biden is going to make an issue of honesty, his long history of plagiarism, resume inflation and outright lying are fair game, and all on videotape.

      He should choose other issues where he is not so vulnerable. The best he can do on honesty is a draw in public opinion.


          1. @Tabor

            “This all starts with a revival of decency and honesty and character”

            With Trump now setting the standard we have almost nowhere to go but up. And for every Biden act of indecency (none that I know of), dishonesty or manifestly poor character there are at least a thousand worse offenses by your idol.

            Your drooling hatred and utter dishonesty when it comes to Joe Biden is almost as virulent as your drooling hatred and utter dishonesty towards President Obama. Just a general purpose hater of people who are better than you in every way, I suppose?

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          2. It’s not about Obama or Biden, it’s the whole Democratic party that needs to be reduced to irrelevancy.

            The Democratic Party is based on placing the collective above the individual, a concept I find repugnant and will work to destroy whoever is the standard bearer.


          3. @Tabor

            Mindless bullshit. The “collective?” Good grief.

            But hey, work as hard as you want, give as much as you want. But the fact that you feel justified to descend into the gutter with name-calling, mind-boggling hypocrisy and a universe of alternative facts to defeat the Democrats tells anybody with any sense how you and the facts of this world have parted company. And that you have no case to make that is persuasive on its merits.

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