More domestic terrorism.

If some “liberal” or Sanders supporter had been doing such things there would be a lot of discussion of “leftist” violence from some of you. So, it would be wrong of me to say that this deplorable White Supremacist conservative terrorist is typical of Trump supporters. Wouldn’t it? Of course, it would.

18 thoughts on “More domestic terrorism.

  1. Given the right wing indoctrination that takes place in today’s colleges and universities it’s not surprising to see a student see “value” in the white supremacy movement that’s been fueled by this Administration.

    After all, there are good people on both sides…

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  2. What makes you think White Supremacists are conservative?

    I remember when David Duke was running for Governor of Louisiana that his views on big corporations and wealth were not that different from yours.


    1. @Tabor

      Historically, you would have point. However, the word “conservative” has morphed into Trump supporter. So, using it with its current meaning it fits very well with White Supremacist. Don’t you think?

      By the way, I have no problem with “big corporations.” It is the rules and regulations that they operate under that need adjustment.

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      1. No, I don’t agree. I don’t think a significant part of Trump’s support comes from racists.

        Racism is a pathology all its own, and is independent of economic or political philosophy.


          1. I don’t accept your assumption.

            Racism is nested in identity politics, and that belongs to Democrats. Philosophically, David Duke is closer to Bernie Sanders than to Trump.


          2. Charlottesville told me all I need to know. And the guy who mailed pipe bombs to various media companies and Democratic politicians, and targeted Liberal justices on the Supreme court. Or had a hit list as a Coast Guard officer.

            But you know so much about racists explain why my assumption is unacceptable to you.


          3. I grew up in Louisiana, where politicians with Klan connections did not hide them. Their politics were decidedly left wing, redistributionist, and collectivist.


          4. You grew up in pre-Southern Strategy Louisiana. Things have changed quite bit since then.

            There is an opinion piece in today’s NYT discussing how the white supremacist/far right wing groups are co-opting climate change and environmental battles to forward their hate filled agendas.


          5. The whole right vs left thing can be deceptive.

            A better spectrum would be Individualist on one end and collectivist on the other.

            The Nazis are usually described as right wing but they were collectivists and socialists.

            See Chapter 20 of Rand Paul’s THE CASE AGAINST SOCIALISM for along list of citations.


          6. And if you think identity politics is strictly a Democratic issue, I suggest you take a look at those who fully support the white race and are Republicans. Including your homeboy, Duke.

            There is a difference between supporting civil rights for all, and I do mean all, including the WASPs who are headed for minority status but fighting tooth and nail to remain in power.


          7. @Tabor

            “I don’t think a significant part of Trump’s support comes from racists.”

            It is not an assumption. It is a fact. The hard core of Trump supporters joined his cause even as he spent years spreading the racist lie of birtherism. And, as he launched his campaign spread racist lies about Mexicans. Like all good hucksters he knows what his audience wants to hear.

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          8. @Tabor

            Re: “The Nazis are usually described as right wing but they were collectivists and socialists.”

            Utterly ridiculous. And insulting to the memory of the many,many thousands of actual socialists the Nazis rounded up and murdered to protect their right wing ideology of absolute rule by one strong man. You know, kinda like what you and other Trump supporters are pushing.

            But, if it is any comfort, you are not alone in this malicious recasting of history. It is something that right wing intellectual midgets try to do all the time. Most famously, Jonah Goldberg in his silly book “Liberal Fascism.”

            This dishonest and/or ignorant meme you repeat has the advantage of putting on display the pinnacle of modern right wing logic – name-calling. “Fascist” is a dirty word so let’s apply it to our political opponents.

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          9. @Adam

            “. . . the original sin Nazi’s were considered “leftist” or left wing.”

            By whom?
            The communists and socialists and liberals they murdered?
            The small cabal of industrialists that funded them?


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