Trump’s lies will cost lives.

Trump has just spoken from the White House on a matter of grave importance – the looming coronavirus pandemic saying . . .

“Because of all we’ve done, the risk to the American people remains very low . . .” and that we will soon have a vaccination for it. Those are lies. The administration has done virtually nothing but gut the CDC and the NIH, the risk is very severe and there will not be any vaccinations for at least 18 months.

It would be good if we had a President that people could believe – especially when so many lives are at risk – but Trump has lied so many times on so many subjects that trusting his word has become foolish.

The cherry on top of this sundae of dishonesty and incompetence is that we now have Mike Pence in charge of coordinating the government’s response. Good grief. As a reminder, Mike Pence is a dummy – a science-denying religious zealot whose political rise was fueled by his role spewing nonsense on talk radio. Heaven help us.

40 thoughts on “Trump’s lies will cost lives.

  1. The News Conference isn’t even over yet and you’re trying to mangle his words for partisan advantage.

    I am pretty much convinced you are rooting for the virus in hopes it will save your party’s rapidly disintegrating prospects.

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    1. @Tabor
      More offensive than usual.
      And still delusional.
      Trump is going down and dragging the GOP with him no matter what happens with the virus.

      I quoted his words, I did not mangle them. What? Was he only joking? Did he misspeak? I don’t think so.

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      1. A lot of reaction to a simple run-down of trump’s attempt to downplay a major problem his administration has reduced resources to deal with and reacted too slowly to.

        The spread rate is more than double the flu and with the death rate at about 2% we could be seeing a million deaths in the U.S. alone.

        Some actual Leadership would be nice here.

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  2. RE: “‘“Because of all we’ve done, the risk to the American people remains very low . . .’ and that we will soon have a vaccination for it. Those are lies.”

    No, they aren’t.

    According to the CDC, the risk to the American people IS very low at present. Also, according to the CDC and NIH officials who spoke at the press conference, a coronavirus vaccine can be expected in record time, about a year and a half from now.

    Your post is full of shit.


    1. And, while vaccines take a long time to bring to market, there is a promising antiviral currently being tested that, if it works, could be available much faster.

      The important thing is to buy time for now, and that is being done as well as the law allows.

      The problem is that when there is a plague, people who are infected but don’t yet know it try to flee to an area of safety, spreading the disease to those safe areas.

      Most likely they will come in through Mexico or Canada.


      1. @Tabor

        New antivirals and a vaccine are extremely important. That goes without saying. And yes, we do need to buy time so that they can be researched, tested and deployed.

        How do we do that? With GOOD information not lies. And with expert leadership.

        Trump has given us lies and the leadership of Mike Pence.

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      2. @Tabor

        “Most likely they will come in through Mexico or Canada.”

        The utter stupidity of Trump supporters well-illustrated. Using this virus threat for yet another dig at Mexicans? With Canada thrown in to prove you are not a racist? As a matter of fact both Mexico and Canada have universal access to health care so if there is a cross border flow triggered by the virus it is more likely to be desperate Americans looking for help they can afford in those countries.

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        1. I have no problem with Mexicans.

          The problem is people coming from areas where the virus is widespread coming in through Mexico or Canada to evade screening at our ports of entry.

          People fleeing a plague who are carriers and don’t yet know it do not flee to countries with free health care, they flee to countries perceived to be virus free. For now, that is us.


          1. @Tabor

            You have no problems with Mexicans? Good to know. And yet, out of the blue you conjure up images of masses of people storming our borders? You have some reason to believe that this virus is going to be a bigger problem for Mexico than it is for us? So far we have sixty cases and counting. They have none. So, who is “perceived to be virus free?”

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          2. Did you even read what I wrote?

            I am not concerned Mexicans or Canadians, I am concerned with people wishing to come to the US from ‘hot zones’ passing through Mexico or Canada to avoid quarantine or travel restrictions.


          3. @Tabor

            It is obvious that you gratuitously threw the border into this discussion as a means to justify the Xenophobic policies of Trump. A rhetorical “See, Trump was right. We need a wall.”

            Now you are digging a deeper hole of nonsense rather than just back off. Maybe you have seen too many Zombie Apocalypse movies?

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    2. @Roberts

      Your logic is like saying that with a Category 5 hurricane bearing down on the coast your risk is very low UNTIL it gets here. So true.

      The person who is “full of shit” is the POTUS and that is a problem. This looming pandemic is a very serious matter – his lies and incoherent ramblings make it harder for the professionals – who managed to survive all the Trump slashing of their public health agencies – to do their jobs.

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      1. RE: “Your logic is like saying that with a Category 5 hurricane bearing down on the coast your risk is very low UNTIL it gets here.”

        Your logic is like saying that Trump is to blame for Category 5 storm damage that hasn’t even occurred yet. Such Henny Pennyism might have some merit if the president hadn’t implemented travel restrictions, declared a public health emergency, assembled a competent national response team or held a press conference. But of course, the first of these actions began more than a month ago.


        1. @Roberts

          Uh, no, not exactly.

          I am saying what I am saying. Trump is wrong to lie about the risks we face. And that his lying and general lack of credibility and his very poor choice of an incompetent boob to head the government response will hurt the efforts to minimize the damage.

          But, yes, maybe you have a point. If this plague hits very hard some of the blame will be on Trump. Not just because of his current counter-productive behavior but also because of the decisions he has already taken to gut the CDC, NIH and to move people to the ranks of the uninsured.

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    3. A vaccine “soon” at 18 months, or even a year, may be a record time, but these diseases are not that long lasting. But by then a lot of damage will have been done.

      Rush Limbaugh said the other day that CORVID 19 is just the common cold and has a mortality rate the same as our current flu season: 2%

      “ At least 14,000 people have died and 250,000 have already been hospitalized during the 2019-2020 flu season, according to estimates from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 26 million Americans have fallen ill with flu-like symptoms.”

      That is 14 out of 26,000. I am not good at math, but that’s about .05% mortality for this year’s flu.

      “The survival rate of this is 98 percent,” he continued. “You have to read very deeply to find that number, that 2 percent of the people get the coronavirus die. That’s less than the flu, folks.”

      Why would Limbaugh lie so badly?

      Trump is already to blame everyone from the Democrats, to corporations, to Mexicans, to CDC which he emasculated because the pandemic organizing was Obama’s.

      Many of Trump’s thousands of lies have been laughable. As has his right wing stooges.

      But this is serious. Tossing boxes of Kleenex and face masks in hospitals is not reassuring. (If ”predictable”Trump’s childish behavior is any indication.)

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  3. As usual, Paul sounds the extremist political alarm of doom. Full of crap. The president is telling the truth and doing his job of suppressing panic caused by liberal bullshit and the media. I’m guessing Bloomburg will now claim that only he can save the nation from impending catastrophe…or will it be Bernie in addition to his long menu of free stuff or maybe Warren has a secret Indian cure.


    1. @BobR

      And yet, every word I wrote is true.

      I quoted Trump accurately. He did make that SILLY “soon zero cases” prediction that was the opposite of the warning made by the professionals he had with him. He did LIE about the number of cases. He ignored the very serious case in Northern California which nobody knows how the victim got it.

      There is no vaccine and will not be one for more than a year.

      The Trump administration HAS gutted the CDC and NIH. In order to help pay for the glorious tax cuts the Obama era organizations for reacting to pandemics were disbanded.

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    1. 15 cases originating in the USA.The others include the cruise ship passengers who were brought home after being infected overseas. The president and his public health team discussed this in the press conference.


      1. @Roberts

        As always Trump’s lies have to be explained away. As a matter of fact he spoke of that 15 becoming 5 and then zero. Very stupid or an attempt to mislead. Take your pick.

        The public health team said just about the opposite of what Trump had to say. He gets ZERO credit if they told the truth but he didn’t.

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      2. RE: “As a matter of fact he spoke of that 15 becoming 5 and then zero.”

        Sick people get well. The 15 in question certainly are expected to.


        1. @Roberts

          “Sick people get well. ”

          See how you have to twist and squirm to find truth in Trump’s blathering. I heard him. He was not talking about those particular people. He was talking about the number of cases in this country.

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  4. What a ditz! I couldn’t believe his rattling on and on about things that had nothing to do with the serious topic. Not sure why it’s still surprising to see an American president, even an illegitimately elected one, act so weird. Different day, same donald.

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  5. Those who do not know the future are doomed to have lived it. Hey, makes as much sense as the debates affecting the previous two days in the market.

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        1. I heard him say that the Democratic field in general inspired a lack of confidence. Perhaps the reference to the debates was to illustrate why. But I wouldn’t pretend to know. The point seems an irrelevancy to me.


          1. “I heard him say that the Democratic field in general inspired a lack of confidence.” Does that mean he has a lack of confidence in beating any of them? It could be taken that way. Ya know, semantics and all?


          2. RE: “Does that mean he has a lack of confidence in beating any of them?”

            If that’s your fantasy, enjoy it.


          3. Semantics, Todd. Semantics. It was just a question about what YOU posted.

            And turnout in the primaries will dictate, going forward, will determine confidence in the nominees in general. -IMHO


  6. “It would be good if we had a President that people could believe…”

    But we do. Statistically speaking at least 50% could believe him. Those with an IQ < 90 are roughly 50% of the people.

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