So it is OK when THIS guy says it…

Yesterday, during his India presser. Mr. Trump chided Chuck Schumer for stating that he didn’t think the $2.5 Billion supplement to help fight the coronoa virus the administration is asking for was enough. Now Richard Shelby is saying basically the same thing. Will Trump react the same way?

I vote NOPE. Because Shelby is a Republican.

13 thoughts on “So it is OK when THIS guy says it…

  1. On what would we spend more money?

    There are only so many competent epidemiologists and they are getting what the need and funding unqualified people won’t help.

    I would have no problem with spending more if it could be done effectively, but I don’t know what we would do with it.


    1. You completely missed the point of my post. A GOP Senator said almost the same thing about spending on this issue and not a peep out of Trump. But when Schumer said it, Trump, while in INDIA, made the point that Schumer questioned the amount as not being enough.


      1. So, they’re both wrong.

        Spending too much is counterproductive.

        If you fully fund the Tier 1 scientists, good.

        Just to be sure they don’t miss something, you fund the tier 2 guys as well.

        But as you get further down the stack, you get garbage back, and worse, your Tier 1 & 2 guys now are wasting time trying to replicate or refute what the Tier 4 & 5 guys are doing.

        Neither Trump nor Shelby nor Schumer know who the top layers are and how much they need. So, this is the time to take advice from the Surgeon General, not politicians.


        1. So plan to spend $8.5 as Schumer proposes, or the $4.5 from Shelby and if not all is needed it can be returned. None of us now how much this is going to cost. But better to plan for more and spend less than to have to keep going back to the well.

          But again, the entire point of my post was Schumer gets a a blast and Shelby gets a pass. And YOU have no issue with the hypocrisy of that. Hmmm. Wonder why that is?


          1. Part of Trump’s job in this is to prevent public panic.

            Schumer’s statement on funding was wrapped in hysteria and rabble rousing.

            Already we have communities going to court to prevent quarantine centers from being opened in their back yards. If we get an outbreak in, for example, San Francisco, we don’t want infected but not yet symptomatic patients fleeing to all parts of the country to stay with distant relatives.

            So, yes, it is Trump’s job to say ‘We have this under control, don’t panic.’ even if we really don’t, because fear will only make it worse.


  2. OK, my opinion on how we should deal with Coronavirus

    Buy time.

    We cannot completely block the outbreak here forever. Coronavirus is an almost perfect pathogen. It can spread by aerosols. feco-oral contamination, body fluids(including sex) and via foibles(contaminated surfaces like doorknobs) and it remains viable on surfaces for days. Worse, patients can transmit the virus before they are symptomatic. So, the deck is stacked against us in the long term.

    But in the long term, there will be treatments and vaccines that we don’t yet have. So, to reduce the toll in the US, we need to delay the outbreak here long enough for the evil drug companies to save us.

    Quarantines for travelers will help, but we need to prevent people getting in without quarantine by stopping first in Canada or Mexico.

    But for now, every day we buy by quarantine and border control will save American lives in the long term.


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