Well, they pounded each other

Still, it doesn’t matter.  If the Dems ran a monkey with a machine gun, I’d vote for him as the lesser of the two dangers.

30 thoughts on “Well, they pounded each other

    1. Wish I had.

      Still, when the President of the United States sends Larry Kudlow (of all people) out on the stomp to tell the American people that the CDC is categorically WRONG about the dangers of coronavirus, and epidemics in general, just because he is unhappy with the (long overdue) reaction of the stock market, then he becomes a real threat, and more dangerous than a monkey with a machine gun.

      This time his arrogant, ignorant, lying ass and the disinformation campaign will kill Americans outright, and not just soldiers in Syria and Iraq, but on the sidewalks of Main Street USA.

      Hey Doc, here’s your chance to become a real science denier and in a subject in which you’ve got game. Remember all those smart kids in Med School that excelled in research instead of wiping bodily fluids? Well, here’s your opportunity to tell us they were really idiots for not studying dentistry. Dust off that McGraw-Hill “Introduction to Epidemiology” from your Contagions 695 course and give us the real scoop.

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      1. RE: “This time his arrogant, ignorant, lying ass and the disinformation campaign will kill Americans outright…”

        That’s hard to believe. How would it happen?


          1. Jeez, and he votes?

            White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said Tuesday that the U.S. has “contained” the threat of a domestic coronavirus outbreak, breaking with the warnings of officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

            “We have contained this, I won’t say airtight but pretty close to airtight,” Kudlow told CNBC’s Kelly Evans on Tuesday afternoon.

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          2. @ Jimmie

            I asked a fair question. Are you capable of answering it, or are you only capable of pretending to know the answer?


          3. @ Nancy_Naive

            Kudlow’s statements seem accurate to me, as far as they go. There are no known “contagious communities” in the U.S. at this time, for example, although our knowledge is limited by various factors.

            What, specifically, are you worried about?


          4. “Not stoking” and “downplaying” are two different things. Trump, through Kudlow, is downplaying.

            It is NOT contained, not even slightly, because it hasn’t happened yet. The CDC’s position is the outbreak is “inevitable”. That’s, by definition, the very opposite of “contained”.

            At 6pm, according to your post, we will see exactly how dangerous the asshole in the WH is.

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          5. @Nancy

            Since text references don’t work, you’ll need to draw pictures..

            He mistakes rhetorical, often inane and lazy questions as some type of thoughtful discourse. Your patience in doing his homework and providing direct quotes and explanations is laudable.

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          6. RE: “The CDC’s position is the outbreak is ‘inevitable’. That’s, by definition, the very opposite of ‘contained’.”

            Not really. The present and the future are two different things.

            In the present, Kudlow hasn’t said anything which contradicts the CDC. It is not time to press the panic button, and probably best if we don’t.


      2. Wouldn’t this be better under the thread dealing with the response to Cororavirus rather than under the thread on the Democrat debate?

        I’ll answer your needlessly uncivil question there in the THIS GUY thread

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  1. Just got a news alert on my phone saying the White House is scheduling a news conference today to address the media “stoking fear” about coronavirus.

    Not that the media is above sensationalizing small stories, but I have a friend who works for the CDC who said “We shifted yesterday from planning and preparation to mitigation. We are all pretty nervous.”

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    1. RE: “Just got a news alert on my phone saying the White House is scheduling a news conference today to address the media ‘stoking fear’ about coronavirus.”

      Various outlets are saying the press conference will be at 6 p.m. (ET).


    2. Amazingly, I think the media has been relatively restrained wrt the coronavirus.

      Mostly, the stories have been reporting on the quarantine attempts — good and bad, a mixed bag on China, i.e., some bashing of China’s numbers, yet praise for China’s ability to quarantine a whole city and establish a 10,000-bed treatment facility within weeks (no way that could be done here, even with civilian cooperation, we just don’t have the means).

      According to what I’ve gleaned (and even I’m suspicious of my efforts) it’s about 3 to 4x deadlier than recent flu outbreaks and more contagious in that the virus survives** longer outside it’s little airborne spittle balls. As usual, the greatest risk is to very young, the elderly, and those with compromised respiratory systems (apparently this thing plays havoc with the tissue that lines the airways), and 3M painter’s dust masks aren’t going to help.

      ** I think that means surface contact is more of a problem than with other flu and cold viruses although what do I know?.

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  2. How did a comment about a bunch of monkeys with machine guns humping footballs while throwing monkey poop at each other morph into a debate about coronavirus preparations. Did some in here forget their Prozac this morning?


    1. No, it’s just that for some people, every discussion has to be about trashing Trump.

      There is no issue that can be discussed rationally any more. I am half way tempted to pull down this forum. If it stays like this, I will.


        1. Sorry, but I started this to be a civil forum for discussion of issues. It is rapidly reaching the point that blind hatred for Trump is pushing aside any actual discussion of the issues.


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