For the skeptics….

The link is to a summary of the report issued by The Center for Climate and Security (CCS) which is a non-partisan security policy institute of the Council on Strategic Risks, with a distinguished team and Advisory Board of military, national security, intelligence and foreign policy experts.

The effects of climate change has been discussed locally for several years especially with respect to the effects to NAVSTA Norfolk.

This is no Chinese hoax, ladies and gentlemen. This is a legitimate concern which should be addressed by our government. Not for the world at large, but for the effects to our military readiness and missions in general.

Will the Trump administration take this report to heart, or just blow it off as they usually do? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

3 thoughts on “For the skeptics….

    1. Your poo-poo does not change the fact the climate change IS a national security concern. I trust the folks involved with this a lot more than a retired dentist from Chesapeake. Because if I trusted you, I’d probably need dentures by now.


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