Patriotic Americans will be outraged. Trumpists? Nah.

Another WILDLY impeachable offense. Team Trump offered Julian Assange a Presidential pardon if he covered up the role of RUSSIA in the hacking of Trump’s opponents. Trump’s cut out, bag man and fellow Putin admirer, former GOP Congressman Dana Rorbacher, has acknowledged his role in the scheme.

20 thoughts on “Patriotic Americans will be outraged. Trumpists? Nah.

  1. RE: “Trump’s cut out, bag man and fellow Putin admirer, former GOP Congressman Dana Rorbacher, has acknowledged his role in the scheme.”

    Did you read your own link? Rorbacher is quoted adamantly denying the allegation you make, not acknowledging it.

    I can’t help pointing out, too, that rumors of a Trump pardon for Assange were a hot topic in Qanon world two years ago. That would make your post a promotion Qanon “conspiracy theories,” though a little late to the game.


    1. RE: “I am just sharing what was reported.”

      Rohrabacher’s meeting with Assange is not in dispute. Trump’s offer of a quid pro quo is.

      Assange’s lawyer says Rohrabacher delivered a quid pro quo offer on behalf of Trump. Rohrabacher, says he didn’t.


      1. To be honest, I specifically did NOT post the original story when it came out as there are too many cooks to figure out what is true and what isn’t in this instance.

        Like I said, I was just sharing The Hill’s story about Yahoo News’ interview with Rohrbacher.


    2. @Roberts

      I was careful to refer to “Team Trump” because it is possible – although highly unlikely – that one of Trump’s fellow Russian-loving traitors acted on his own, traveled to London and sought out this key figure in the Russian election interference scheme. In fact, Rohrbacher DID acknowledge his role leaving only the question – did he, for unfathomable reasons, act alone?

      As for Qanon, there is a world of difference between sworn statements in court and “hot topics on internet political porn sites. But, as a Trump apologist, you clearly think that the difference is not very important.

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      1. RE: “But, as a Trump apologist, you clearly think that the difference is not very important.”

        As an irrational Trump hater, you clearly think that recycling old news from Qanon serves your purposes.


        1. @Roberts

          This is funny. You prove exactly my point. Again you try to equate breaking news that has happened this week with gossip on your white supremacist web site.

          And, given Mr. Trump’s actual behavior as President it is “irrational” to still support him. His magical promises have long since proven hollow but his daily damage to our country, our security, the rule of law and our Constitution has only gotten worse.

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        2. RE: “Again you try to equate breaking news that has happened this week with gossip on your white supremacist web site.”

          YOU are the one promoting the conspiracy theory that Trump committed “Another WILDLY impeachable offense” by offering Julian Assange a pardon. That the possibility of an Assange pardon was a hot topic in Qanon world a long time ago is just the funny part that show how tenuous your thinking is.


  2. You really have to start reading beyond the first paragraph.

    Your own link says that Rorbacher floated the idea of approaching Trump if Assange could say where the emails originated. Rorbacher didn’t demand a specific answer and never spoke to Trump about it.

    Of course, I can understand that after last night’s debate you would be desperate for some other means for removing Trump than the election.


    1. @Tabor

      You have to stop taking statements by lying liars as evidence. It often is not. However, I DID read the article, saw the lying liar’s statements and gave him the benefit of enough doubt to refer broadly to Team Trump.

      It is worth noting that Rohrbacher kept this episode to himself until outed in British court.

      As for the debate, the atmosphere was poisoned by the billionaire trying to buy his way in. My two favorite candidates (Warren, Sanders) acquitted themselves quite well. I especially enjoyed the way Warren sliced and diced Bloomberg’s history of racism, misogyny and sexual harassment.

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    1. @TK

      Who you gonna believe – (1) every Intelligence agency, the DOJ and several grand juries, juries and courts who – based on compelling evidence – have found that Wikileaks was the conduit for materials hacked by Russia OR (2) Julian Assange? Your choice says an awful lot about you. None of it good.

      As a reminder, that lying sack of shit tried to pin the Russian leaks on an innocent young man – Seth Rich – murdered in DC. After that, only those who really, really want to be fooled would believe him.

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  3. Are you kidding? We are talking about the same “fabulous” intelligence agencies that sold us the Iraqi WMD hoax and the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

    Conversely, Wikileaks ALWAYS tells the truth.

    To be clear, the notion that Russia hacked the DNC is pure unadulterated, Goebellsesque propaganda.

    “The conclusions of the intelligence community with respect to the Russian hacking were not conclusive. – Barack Obama


  4. I live in the real world — you know, the one where facts and actual evidence matter — and the intelligence agencies have presented nothing to substantiate James Clapper’s bogus assessment.

    (If they had evidence, they would have presented it long ago.)


    1. @TK

      What a fool you are! Are are you just a hardworking Russian kid slaving away in a bot farm?

      YOU live in the real world, do you? Where Trump the Corruption Fighter is besieged by literally thousands of traitors that have infiltrated the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, State Department, DHS, etc. etc. Yeah, right.

      The intel community published their findings on Russian efforts to interfere with the election. No agency demurred. Enough evidence was presented to juries to indict a bunch of Russians and to indict and convict others who were criminally lying about it. But you still call it фиктивный. Laughable nonsense.

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    2. The world in which you reside is far from the real world. If you lived in the real world, you would see past the bombast and chutzpah that Trump sells to the feeble minded and realize that he is doing everything he can to dismantle democratic norms under which this country has survived for over 240 years and to blow up the Consitituion.

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