Is anyone surprised

Democrats lose interest in redistricting reform

Did I not predict this would happen?

20 thoughts on “Is anyone surprised

  1. RE: “Did I not predict this would happen?”

    I seem to recall that you did. It’s another example of how, for Democrats, virtue signalling often is its own reward.


      1. Which is why a solution is being sought, one which the Democrats supported until they saw their chance to abuse the system.

        If we excuse Democrat abuses because of past GOP abuses, do we excuse the GOP because of the 40 years of Democrat abuse before them?


    1. You think putting it on the hands of the politicians whose districts are being set is better than the hands of an independent judiciary?

      Someone has to have the last word, who better than our State Supreme Court?

      As I wrote before, some degree of Gerrymandering is inevitable, the best you can hope for is one step of separation from those with a direct interest.


      1. …”who better than our State Supreme Court?”

        Would you say the same thing if the majority of the judges appointed were appointed by Democrats?

        A legitimate concern about the judges is being fleshed out. However, I think it is in the best interest of the Commonwealth to move forward with the amendment. I said it before and I stand by it.


        1. The VA Supreme court justices serve staggered 12 year terms, so there are justices from several shifting majorities.

          It is not perfect but it is closer to non-partisan than any alternative.


          1. Well, I haven’t seen the “final” plan, but my thought about a bi-partisan decision process is not without merit.

            I’m personally a fan of developing a statistical model that’s been vetted and approved by a bi-partisan group to help take the human bias out of the process. It can be and should have been reduced to an algorithm years ago.

            It’s not even that difficult to do…

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          2. Let’s also keep in mind that until the GOP ALMOST lost their majority in 2017, they didn’t want to change things either. Then the majority shrunk and they were all about a nonpartisan commission for redistricting because they saw the writing on the wall and knew that if they didn’t work towards the commission, the Dems would just reverse what they had done over the years.


          3. Once again you are jumping the gun (so to speak). They are reviewing it and considering if it still the best option. Blind obedience to last session’s bill is not always a good thing.

            In the end, I believe that they will vote to approve and the voters will get their say on it come November.


          4. That’s not how Constitutional Amendments work in VA. If they change it from the version passed last year, it has to pass in that form again, after an election, and then go before the voters.

            Effectively, if they change it the bipartisan plan will not be in effect until the 2030 census.

            Which is their intent as they plan to hold power by aggressive Gerrymandering, just as they accused the GOP of trying to do.


          5. I didn’t say they would change it. I said they are reviewing it. I also stated my personal belief that they will vote to approve it.

            There are new people in office now that want to review what was passed last year and ensure that it is the best way forward. If the power dynamic was different in any way, the same thing would be done by the GOP. As an example, if the GOP didn’t lose control of the GA and in fact grew their majority, would they still vote for the amendment without reviewing it? I say probably not because the only reason they agreed to doing it in the last session was because they knew their prospects for maintaining the majority were significantly dimmed and in order to prevent gerrymandering AGAINST them to occur, they needed to do something like this amendment.

            And you are assuming way too much. Kind of like you did on the proposed gun control bills that DIDN’T pass.

            Gerrymandering, regardless of party, needs to stop. Period. I think you and I agree on that.


  2. So all of that left wing squabbling about GOP gerrymandering was really intended to usurp gerrymandering rights back into the Democrats lap like before. You know, the decades of Democrat gerrymandering that left wingers insisted never happened. (Rolling eyes)


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