ZeroHedge: “Intelligence Coup Of The Century”: CIA Ran Global Spy Op Using Well-Known Swiss Encryption Company

This may well be a bigger story than it seems. Imagine what a venture capitalist could make of unencrypted access to patent applications, or what a blackmail operation could do with sealed court records. An organization like the CIA could become, over time, a secret superpower on a global scale.

It’s not so far fetched.

14 thoughts on “ZeroHedge: “Intelligence Coup Of The Century”: CIA Ran Global Spy Op Using Well-Known Swiss Encryption Company

  1. The WAPO story is huge and long. Much more detailed. Including the fact that the encryption business has changed so much that the CIA got out of Crypto because it was no longer effective. New encryption software is affordable and universally available from many sources.

    This is a relic from the Cold War. It was a joint venture between German and American intelligence services.

    Of course we all know that WAPO is fake news so it is obviously all made up. Maybe by a 400 pound man in bed.

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      1. Actually, the notion that Russia hacked the DNC server is Goebellsesque propaganda. For one thing, Wikileaks has repeatedly stated that they did not receive the emails from any state actor. Furthermore, an NSA whistleblower and his team analyzed the metadata and proved that the emails could not have been hacked by any overseas entity.

        In fact, the transfer rates suggest that they were likely downloaded from within the DNC’s headquarters.


          1. NONE of that has been disproven. The only thing that has been disproven is the notion that Russia hacked the DNC. Heck, even Mr Mueller’s “fabulous” prosecutors were forced to back away from that propaganda in a federal court room. 🙂


        1. RE: “All that has been disproven. Long, long ago.”

          Not really. When you have said so in the past, I have pointed you to sources showing the debunking is flawed.


          1. “ In an interview with Fox News this week, Assange said he did not receive emails stolen from the DNC and Clinton aide John Podesta from “a state party.” Assange did not rule out the possibility that he got the material from a third party.”


            So if you actually believe Assange, the third party could easily have sourced the Russians.

            I believe the tekkies were proven wrong about not being able to download at speed. I’ll let you guys sort that out.

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