What would YOU call it?


Claiming that release of the Vindman brothers from their positions at NSC was not retaliatory is in a word: Horse shit! (OK, 2 words).

Alexander was slated to roll out of the post in July anyway. He was a policy adviser and subject matter expert on Ukraine. It makes no sense to relieve someone of an NSC position because he was honest and concerned. And his brother, Yevegeny, was an attorney that had NOTHING to do with his brother’s testimony. If it wasn’t retaliatory, what in the hell was it?

Robert O’Brien also made this comment concerning the reassignment. ““We’re not a country where a bunch of lieutenant colonels can get together and decide what the policy is of the United States,” he said, arguing that “we are not a banana republic.”” However, it is not a “bunch of lieutenant colonels” that is turning us into a banana republic. It is the figurehead in the Oval Office that is. Vindman was advising on policy, as his job required. When he heard something disturbing, he testified to it. That is called doing one’s duty. Too bad there are few of those individuals left.

26 thoughts on “What would YOU call it?

  1. RE: “If it wasn’t retaliatory, what in the hell was it?”

    I would call it the prerogative of the president and not claim to understand it unless the president explains. But I don’t really need to understand it.


        1. RE: “The truth.”

          The truth is, I don’t know why the president fired the Vindmans, and neither do you. You’re just guessing.


          1. @Roberts

            Those of us who are not Trump supporters have not had to check our intellects, our decency and our common sense at the door. Nobody can know directly what is in the mind of another person. We have to decide what is there based on the evidence.

            In this case the evidence is clear that Trump had payback on his mind when he fired Vindman, his brother and Sondland immediately after being acquitted. Vindman, for example, has been on the job in the White House – appointed by Trump – for almost two years and only NOW does Trump realize he is not doing a good job? Same with Sondland. Get real.

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    1. Good point. Reportedly, a plan to cut the NSC staff in half was already in the works anyway. It’s not good to be a squeaky wheel at such times..


        1. By the way, according to O’Brien: “He noted that they were not fired, but rotated out of the White House ahead of schedule. He confirmed they would be replaced.” SO there goes the downsizing argument you attempted to make. (Axios piece where O’Brien took the heat by saying it was he who decided to reassign the Vindmans)

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    2. Loss of confidence is a bullshit reason for his reassignment and you know it. You just do your level best to say rump can do whatever he wants. Kind of like Dershowitz.
      And it is not loss of confidence. It is lack of loyalty to the man in the Oval Office. July ain’t that far off. HE could have just let him go then and not have to go on his revenge tour.

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    3. @Tabor
      You really believe it was loss of confidence? If it was, then the non-criminal thing to do was simply ignore what he has to say until is tour is over in a couple of months. But no, he had to be frog-marched out of the White House along with his brother IMMEDIATELY upon acquittal. That is payback and that is a crime.

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  2. You’re absolutely correct on each point you made. If America does not relieve itself of this UN-AMERICAN ‘leader’ & his administration (and, as soon as possible, at that) we WILL live to seriously regret it. The GOP in Congress knows this, it’s just that they have lost sight of what TO BE American is about. Anyone who votes for this abomination who’s currently in the Oval Office is obviously blind, deaf and most assuredly dumb. JMMHO, at this time in our country.

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  3. Why did the Nazis put children against a wall and shoot them?

    Proof. Proof that he can do what he pleases without regard to ethics, or the law, knowing that 51 Republicans will have his back. Proof that anyone who attempts to thwart him faces the same.

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  4. I did not expect the swamp to drain easily and this is further proof that Mr Trump is doing precisely what the American people elected him to do.
    “The bottom-line is LTC Vindman was a partisan Democrat at least as far back as [2013]. So much so, junior officers & soldiers felt uncomfortable around him. This is not your professional, field-grade officer, who has the character & integrity to do the right thing. Do not let the uniform fool you…he is a political activist in uniform.” – LTC Jim Hickman (Vindman’s former commanding officer)


    1. RE: “I did not expect the swamp to drain easily…”

      I’m fascinated by the process. A bad guy reveals himself; the public turns against him; then another bad guy reveals himself. The pattern was set by James Comey. Soon there were 12 senior FBI resignations. We may also see indictments in the near future based on the IG report.

      But after Comey came Adam Schiff with the impeachment, which drew attention to the Bidens and Joe’s inglorious bragging. We haven’t seen the end of that yet.

      It’s like a movie with audience participation.

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    2. Still circulating that Hickman crap?

      He is a right wing nut who hung around the fringes of the net. His story about overhearing Vindman talking to Russian soldiers in English is shot full of holes. Vindman is fluent in Russian.

      But, whatever floats your unicorn canoe…

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  5. Vindman was a Trump appointee to the NSC In 2018.

    Vindman was also under a subpoena to testify under oath.

    Not much choice but to tell the truth.

    And that is all the reason Trump needs. He expects his people to lie and go to prison for him.

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