Kind of puts a damper on the #757 marketing plan announced last month.

While the idea of using #757 to assist in marketing the area was a good idea, it will start excluding new numbers sooner rather than later.

Too bad it took so long to come up with the idea. If it had started 5 years ago, it may have been a better outcome. COVA anyone?

5 thoughts on “Kind of puts a damper on the #757 marketing plan announced last month.

      1. Hampton Roads is, of course, the oldest English reference to the area. Called that long before any cities bore a name.

        When I was younger, some mistakenly referred to the area as Tidewater, but this is wrong because, as taught in Va History, Tidewater is all of Virginia east of the fall line running roughly N-S from Washington to Emporia along I-95.

        The 4 regions are Tidewater, The Piedmont, The Blue Ridge, and the Shenandoah Valley.


        1. The term “Hampton Roads” actually refers to the waterways of the Chesapeake Bay, Elizabeth and James Rivers. It is labeled as such on nautical charts. The use of it to identify the areas was a shot in the dark, lasted too long, and now #757 is NOT going to identify the region any better. I thought it was kind of catchy and up-to-date, but knew it would get overtaken by a new area code. It just happened a little sooner than what I expected.

          That being said, the San Diego area is lovingly referred to as The 619. And there are lot more phones in that area than her in … whatever we acre calling it. Just sayin’.


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