Big Surprise. Trump’s SOTU speech does not stand up well when you check the facts.

For those without access to the WAPO, the analysis dismantles 31 questionable and fraudulent claims he made in this one speech. So many lies! That is so Trump – pathetic for a campaign speech but when it is the SOTU speech, it is disrespecting the country, the people and the Constitution.

7 thoughts on “Big Surprise. Trump’s SOTU speech does not stand up well when you check the facts.

  1. Not being able to fact check the fact checkers at WAPO, I’ll just have to assume they are as biased as usual.

    But since Trump read from a prepared speech and didn’t wing it, I’m going to assume the White House can back everything up with their own sources. The staffers no doubt can back up every word.


    1. I was able to click on the link and not be blocked. I think you can get up to 5 articles a month without paying if you want to take a look at the piece. But I suppose it is just easier for you to say I don’t believe them because they are the Washington Post and they are completely biased against this president. The only problem with that thought process is it is as biased as you claim the paper to be. -IMHO

      And staffers using their own sources? Do you think they would tell a lie that didn’t already have a “source” attached to it?

      I hate how cynical Trump has forced me to become, but it is what it is.

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      1. And I hate the the WAPO has made me so cynical about what gets published.

        But in reality, what has happened is that differences of opinion or context are now labeled as lies by all sides.

        Statistics can be manipulated pretty easily. On a number of Trump’s job claims, starting at the day of his election gives one result and the day of inauguration another. A good case can be made for using either date and businesses are proactive.

        But either side and chose its starting date and call the other a liar for choosing the other.

        The only proper way to call lies and truths is to start with the speakers context.


  2. @Tabor

    Your stated faith in the people around Trump is literally unbelievable. I do not believe that you really believe what you are saying.

    It is not just the Washington Post who found many, many things that were not true in the speech. Their list is one of the longer ones with more detail but similar patterns have been noted in several other outlets. For example, I shared earlier Forbes magazine identifying this monumental LIE . . .

    “Thanks to our bold regulatory reduction campaign, the United States has become the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world, by far.”

    The truth is, that our becoming number one happened years before Trump took office. I invited you earlier to explain why this whopper is only a “quibble.” You don’t seem to have an answer.

    Also, you will have no answer as to why this report about the State of the Union was actually a Trump campaign speech and a typically dishonest and disrespectful one at that. As I stated earlier, Trump diminishes and tarnishes everything he touches. This SOTU speech is just the latest example.

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  3. Because I would never waste my time nor money on WaPo trash, MSNBC trash as well, I have no idea what they claim or the nuances they use to manipulate their claims. That said, I don’t doubt that the state of the union was embellished somewhat. All presidents do it during the state of the union and Obama is known to stray from the truth as well. It’s just any president’s chance to boast, nothing new. Yaaaawn, anything else? The only reason I watched most of it was for the entertainment value, plus the wife wanting to, and Pinhead….errr Pelosi and her rabid socialist entourage delivered. It was a good laugh watching her stew over Trump’s middle finger. Cheers and 4 more years!!!


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