AT: The Democrats’ nightmare scenario is unfolding before our (and their) eyes

I have long predicted the collapse of the Democratic Party, and for a variety of reasons: its multiculturalism, its anti-Americanism, its general hatred, its deep incompetence. All the reasons roll up to a single predictive conclusion. The party is doomed to collapse because it has become, at last, incoherent.

I take the catastrophe of the Iowa caucuses as a material sign of collapse manifesting.

23 thoughts on “AT: The Democrats’ nightmare scenario is unfolding before our (and their) eyes

    1. RE: “Please elaborate.”


      Multiculturalism as a political ideal is synonymous with identity-based public policy. But effective public policy can never be based on the ephemeral characteristics of human beings, such as their skin color, or geographical origins. Like justice, public policy must be blind to such things or else it will favor one identity group over another, becoming a source of grievance and conflict.

      That’s the sort of thing I have in mind, although I don’t mean to confine multiculturalism to only one usage in one context.


  1. The primaries are a clusterf*** because there are too many candidates–and too many Democratic voters who are all too willing to eat their own. They need to get behind one candidate–and fast. I think Buittigieg is the only one who can realistically beat Trump.


    1. You do remember 2016 when the GOP had 17 (or did it get to 18 with Gilmore? I don’t remember how long he was in… or out)? Point being, the campaign season now begins the day after the previous election. (Even CBS started running ads for next years’ Super Bowl on Monday.) Some of our European and other allies have a good idea. 6 weeks of campaign prior to the election. Period. Parties nominate their candidates in whatever way they see fit. We vote. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

      I know that last line is going to rile the “Save the Electoral College” crowd. But my statement was NOT a call to abolish it. We can still use it in the way we do now. I don’t like it, but I do not see any reason to change it.


  2. What stands out in your “analysis” of the looming collapse of the Democratic Party is your perception that “its multiculturalism” is a weakness. What that observation actually conveys is your approval of the almost complete lack of any such thing in the devolved state of the GOP. That approval confirms what many have already noted – the capture of the GOP by the Alt-Right or more explicitly by White Nationalism. If you REALLY think that such single-culturism is the wave of the future, I suggest you look around a little bit the next time you are out in public.

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      1. @jimroberts

        From where you seem to sit you may think I am some sort of extremist. I am not. My views on almost every matter of public policy are very widely shared. In fact, shared by a majority on many major issues.

        And you may not agree with my analysis of the current state of the GOP but I believe it is fair and accurate. Not every Republican is a White Nationalist – not even a majority of them – but the Birther-in-chief has emboldened those who are and put the fear of being “primaried” by such people into the hearts of virtually all remaining Republican leaders. That explains their fear and paralysis when it comes to standing up to Trump and defending the rule of law and the Constitutional separation of powers.

        The GOP is a minority party and its behavior is determined by a minority of its members. And that minority is exactly the kind of people who think “multiculturalism” is a bad thing. So, IMHO, my words that you find “extreme” are the simple, fair and accurate truth.

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  3. “I take the catastrophe of the Iowa caucuses as a material sign of collapse manifesting.”

    So bad tech can’t be the problem. It has to be a collapse of epic proportions. Wishful thinking, IMHO.

    We, as a country, are multicultural. The Democratic Party is more representative of the PEOPLE that live here than the old, tired (former AND current) GOP. Your anti-american accusation is a bunch of hooey. At least our party knows not to conduct the orchestra during National Anthem. And the only hatred is that for tired old things that have been proven time and time again to NOT work. Trickle down economics comes to mind.

    You are taking a failed app much further than those who care about this country and not just the power they hold in it. And Iowa is not the bellwether many believe it to be.

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      1. More than likely forgot. I tend to lean more to the center than my parents and brother, but I had been a registered Democrat in PA for my entire Navy career. As VA does not require registration by party, I can’t honestly say I am not a registered Democrat anymore.

        During my career, I tried to take into consideration the best person for the job and not rely on strictly party votes (Arlen Spector, pre-switch comes to mind). But the way the parties have devolved, I find myself more and more aligned with the Democrats. Not the extremists (my first choice for the nom was and still is Amy Klobuchar), but I see more of my own values in the Democrats than the GOP.


    1. RE: “So bad tech can’t be the problem.”

      Of course bad tech is part of the problem. For bad tech to move into production is a management failure. The management, in this case, would be the DNC.


      1. Wrong. It is strictly on the Iowa Democratic Party, and NOT the national party committee. Nevada is supposedly going to be using the same app for their caucus, but this may change that. Unless the bugs get worked out.

        And by the way, this is NOT the first time there have been issues with Iowa caucus. In 2012, it took over 3 weeks for the Iowa GOP to finally declare Rick Santorum the winner. But I think by then it was too late for him to recover from his other early vote primary loses.


  4. Wait, I forgot. Refresh my memory. Did Romney win the Iowa Caucus in 2012? Or was it Santorum? What was the other guy’s name? And, did they ever explain why the numbers switched two weeks later?

    Insanity, ya know, and it’s not just on Mom’s side of the family, Dad.

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  5. Aside from some inaccurate editorial flourishes like Sanders’ “embrace of hard-line Marxism,” this article is actually pretty on the mark.

    If they can’t grease the runway (again) for one of their diet Republicans they’d absolutely prefer four more years of Trump to a Sanders presidency.


  6. …”a material sign of collapse manifesting.”… Yet that is what has been happening to the GOP under Mr. Trump. The party is unrecognizable from 2012 or even 2016. The GOP’s collapse into a slow and painful death will be complete tomorrow when the GOP votes not to punish President Trump for his proven impeachable actions. (Rubio’s words, not mine).


  7. For almost 40 years…I’ve been hearing claims that the DNC or GOP are going to collapse.

    IMHO the only things which have happened is that they’ve become more polarized and the divide between “We the People” has widened.


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