Thank GOD he didn’t “take a knee”

Colin Kaepernick where are you?

5 thoughts on “Thank GOD he didn’t “take a knee”

  1. Let’s not be too hard on Mr. Trump. He did not know that the Star Spangled Banner is our National Anthem. He was waiting for государственный гимн российской федерации.

    Now, President Obama knows better and if he had behaved like that in public during the Star Spangled Banner heads would be exploding all over Trump country and some right here in Tidewater.

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  2. Reminiscent of Trump throwing passes with paper towel rolls to victims of the worst hurricane to hit our citizens in Puerto Rico. Or addressing the CIA in front of their hall of heroes and complaining about his crowd sizes.

    “That’s just Trump being Trump.”

    Access Hollywood style.

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