7 thoughts on “YouTube: Live video of Lobby Day crowd in Richmond today

  1. The rally has been trouble free. Great news for sure. Apparently some of the social media posts by white supremacy and anti-government groups warned their members to avoid the “cage”, the gun free zone around the Capitol.

    They were afraid of entrapment by law enforcement. So that is probably a good thing. Also some counter-protestor groups opted to stay home. More helpful news.

    So what’s left are the gun rights folks which turns the day over to them to get heard. And that was the plan from the beginning.

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      1. RE: “Virginia Dems have literally stepped in it and their totalitarian rule will be short-lived.”

        Stepped in it for sure. Short-lived, I dunno, but one can hope.

        There was no shortage of guns in private hands at the rally. I expect that had a lot to do with the absence of confrontation. The VCDL organizers probably deserve some credit, too. They seemed to have played the role of honest broker among all the interested parties.


        1. “The VCDL organizers probably deserve some credit”…

          You mean the ones that invited anti-government groups and militias to join them and then have to backtrack and say to stay away?

          The credit goes to the citizens who showed up, assembled peaceably, made their statements concerning the perceived attempt to repeal the Second Amendment, picked up their trash (thank you for that) and went home without being able to lobby representatives directly, which is my understanding of what “Lobby Day” was all about.


  2. I was there and it was a beautiful thing. Men and women of all races and creeds, Republicans and Black Panthers, Libertarians and AntiFa, Straight and Gay all peacefully side by side, comparing their weapons and seething at their common enemy, an overbearing government.



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